20 of the Best and Most Addictive Android Games

The best thing about Android is that there are thousands of games through which you can kill your precious time. There are classic games Hearts, Chess, and then the weird and cool things come. Some of these games may seem….strange. But are A LOT of fun! Here, I will share some of the finest android games I’ve played, and destroyed my precious time with.  Some of these games might require an in-game purchase, but they are worth it. I guarantee that you won’t regret that spending!

Here is the list of 20 Most Addictive Android Games , download them all!

1.Plague Inc.

Game of the Year winner, people!

Game of the Year winner, people!

This game defines the word weird. Ever wanted to literally kill everybody on this planet? Well, thanks to us, now you know about Plague Inc. In this game, all you have to do is create a disease dangerous enough to wipe out the entire population of planet Earth. You’ll receive points along your way, through which you can easily upgrade your disease to be even more dangerous.

2. Apparatus

Cool, eh?

Cool, eh?

Apparatus is a game that I personally like very much. It’s fun, simple and addictive. The only objective is to build machines to conquer your way onto different obstacles. It, like every other game, starts easy and then gets difficult as you waddle on! You can also play with your friends and share your creations!

3. FIFA 14fifa-14-android

FIFA 14 is also available on Android, which is quite old news actually. But still, FIFA remains to be one of the best android games! Although it has its problems, but which games doesn’t nowadays? Let your football dream begin, on your own android phone!

4. Real Cricket 2014

The Gameplay

The Gameplay

Another sports game, Cricket fans will love this. If you haven’t already played this game, GO DO IT NOW! It is one of the best cricket games on android. Simple controls, easy interface and quality graphics, this game has it all!  You can play different game modes with different teams, so enjoy the game as soon as possible!

5. Virtua Tennis Challenge


And another sports game! Virtua Tennis Challenge is a SEGA classic. You can play exhibition matches with your favorite players, and test your tennis skills! You can also create a character and then make your tennis dream come true. Well, atleast on your phone. Virtua Tennis Challenge can be bought on Google Play for a mere $5!

6. Asphalt 8: Airborneass


Who doesn’t like a good racing game? You can literally waste thousands of hours of your time on a good racing game, and that’s what exactly Asphalt 8: Airborne is all about! You can drive your dream car in this ultra high graphics game! You can also enjoy a good career mode full of challenges!

7. Dotsdots

If you like simple yet challenging games, then Playdots Inc. developed the right game for you. Dots is a simple game in which all you have to do is simply connect dots of the same color in a single line. You will have a limited number of turns, hence the game getting more challenging as you move on! The game is quite free, but has in-game purchases.

 8. Dead Trigger 2dead


Who wouldn’t like to shoot zombies right in the head? Everybody loves killing zombies, and now you can do it on your Android cell phone! Dead Trigger 2 developed by Madfinger Games is one of the best Zombie killing game there is. With stunning graphics, and awesome gameplay, Dead Trigger 2 definitely won’t leave you unentertained.

9. Galaxy on Fire 2 HDg


Space warfare is something everyone enjoys. And Galaxy on Fire 2 HD is exactly the definition of a good space combat game. Featuring amazingly HD graphics, simple and easy controls and A LOT of virtual world for you to blow up!  And the best part is, that Galaxy on Fire 2 HD is absolutely free!

10. Temple Run 2tr

Who hasn’t heard of Temple Run. It is one of the best selling android games in the world. And Temple Run 2 is its successor. Even though I felt that it was not as good as its predecessor, but still, it presents you better graphics, new twists and turns and it is absolutely free!

11. Symphony of Eternity


Do you like the old Nintendo-like Japanese RPGs? If you do, then this is the game for you! Although the graphics can be called ‘bad’, but the gameplay is great, with a compelling story and random encounters with random people. Symphony of Eternity will cost you $2.99 though.

 12. Ski Safari


Ski Safari is one of the most addictive games out there. You take control of the character Sven, and your objective is as simple as to avoid the avalanche. There are multiple animals which you can use for your aid, as Yetis or Penguins, all having different functions and advantages. Ski Safari can be downloaded from Play for a mere Dollar!

13. Powerboat Racing 3Dokay

Ever wanted to race on a Powerboat? Well, thanks to Doodle Mobile Ltd, now you can. Powerboat Racing 3D offers great dynamics, average graphics and easy yet competitive gameplay. The game can be made better by adding a bit better graphics though. You can download it for Free on Play, but it does offer in-game purchases.

14. 2048 Puzzle


Are you a math nerd? To the 0.1% of the readers who are, you’re gonna love this game.  2048 is a simple math puzzle game, in which all you have to do is select to tiles, and their sum will be displayed. And the objective is to attain the score of 2048. Not more than that or less. Exactly 2048. Can you do that?

15. The Room Two

room 2

The predecessor of this game was THE best puzzle game I’ve ever played. And this one is even better. A 5 Star rating on Google Play should tell you a lot about the quality of the game. Mind wobbling puzzles and ultra-realistic graphics make this game worth buying.

16. Drop7 by Zynga

d7Zynga games are fun, aren’t they? And Drop7 is another fun game developed by Zynga. The developers describe this game as a cross between Tetris and Basic Soduko. And this is the most exact explanation. WARNING: Extremely Addictive!

17. Grow

Grow promo

Grow is the game of nature. You have to eat the things smaller than you and avoid the bigger things. It is THAT simple. But that simplicity goes away once you complete levels. A highly addictive game, Grow can be bought on Play for $1. And it is worth that.

18. Solipskier


Solipskier is one of the more creative android games. You can design your own slopes so that you can either gain more or less speed or simply to jump. You can paint your own cliffs, jump and do different tricks and what not! Though the game is worth it, but Solipskier comes at a price of $3.14.

19. Fruit Ninja


Fruit ninja is the most common game on this blog. It has both a free version and a paid version. The simple objective in this game is to slash the fruits, that are tossed into the air, using a sword. You can compare your score with your friends, and spent hours and hours on it. Really fun and addictive game, it is highly recommended.

20. Where’s My Water?


Disney’s Where’s My Water is quite popular as well. Help the character Swampy get his water, people! Using difficult levels which test your physics knowledge, this game is truly a masterpiece. It is available on Google Play for a mere $2.14, which is nothing compared to the quality they’re offering.


And that’s it folks. Hope this blog helped you find some fun and addictive games. You can also leave your favorite games and your views in the comment section below!

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