4 Best Educational Portals You Must Check

Everyone loves to find a source of quick learning and that’s pretty much understandable in this era. You don’t have time to go through thousands of books in a library that was built in 1802. Everyday new research reveals wonders and you must have to be aware of your knowledge area to compete with the world.

Once you are graduated from the university, you really strive to find a place where you could spend sometime to learn new things or if you are a newbie you love to have an easy-to-use handout to do ‘something’. This will definitely give you people a way to know about the learning resources that offer study material from basic to expert level.

Here is the list of 4 Best Educational Portals :

1. W3 Schools

This is the best place to solve your basic web development related problems and to have a quick learning for anything that they are offering from simple HTML to complex ASP.NET, it has so much to offer for a newbie and as well as an intermediate user. Most of the visitors coming to this site are from USA to get benefit from these useful resources. It is now taught as a primary source of tutorials and lab tasks in many universities worldwide.

Here are some main topics it offers :

  • JavaScript
  • Server Side
  • ASP.Net
  • XML
  • Web Services
  • Web Building



2. WikiBooks

A very useful portal to get benefit from thousands of books in several languages so irrespective where you live, you can enjoy reading and learning with WikiBooks.

It has over 2,691 books with over 47,699 pages available online for anyone to read as these are open-content textbooks collection.

The books covers following wide range of subjects in various languages:

  • Science
  • Social sciences
  • Languages
  • Mathematics
  • Miscellaneous
  • Computing
  • Engineering
  • Humanities




3. Scholarpedia

This portal is very similar to wikipedia but the only and huge difference is that this site has authenticated articles written by group of experts. It is mainly peer-review based open-access encyclopedia maintained by scholars around the world. It gives more in-depth content to the academic topics whereas wikipedia is mainly focused on the introduction or intermediary information. It is beneficial for the students who wants more insight in their topic and wants more detail of the subject.



4. Coursera

This is the best place for experts who want to have a thorough understanding of a particular specialized subject. You can register to this website and enroll in any course offered by one of the Top Universities of the world and taught by one of the top professors out there. You would be having instructors and regular lectures that will definitely help you out to have immense positive exposure. Once you register you will have a course plan including regular online video lectures, assignments to submit, quizzes to take and finally, midterm/final examinations. It is one of our favorite place because it provides free of cost education from those institutes anyone dream of getting into for higher education. It has over 461 Courses to offer and over 91 partner universities over the world who offer these online free courses. The most preferred and excellent courses are offered by Stanford whether it is about introduction to Marketing or complex  Machine Learning courses, it has great content for you to absorb in.




Good luck and don’t forget to share your experience with these sites, if you have already used these.

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