6 Awesome Time-Lapses of Beautiful Pakistan

Recently we went crazy with the concept of time-lapse and decided to make a list of fantastic and fascinating time-lapses from Pakistan made for Pakistan by various artists. Kudos to them and technology, we can now live the city experience within minutes, whereas it took ages and a great effort to complete even one time-lapse.

Lets start off with the list we have compiled exclusively for our readers. The list contains 6 Awesome Time-Lapses of Beautiful Pakistan, starting off from the beautiful cold North side of Pakistan to the busy humid South end of Pakistan.

So sit back, relax, turn on the sound a bit high and enjoy this awesome piece of work with fullscreen on.

1. Gilgit, Hunza, Swat, Malam jabba

2. Peshawar

3. Islamabad

4. Lahore

5. Quetta

6. Karachi


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