7 Inspirational Women Entrepreneurs Dominating the Tech world in Pakistan!

Pakistan is a pretty male dominant country.. no-offence but we all know it’s true! Not a while ago, women hardly went out of their houses, except for when they had to work to support their families obviously.


 Yep, we are talking about the Women Entrepreneurs, professionals and corporate Executives!  I would  like to quote a phrase “women are agents of change” never a truer word spoken! In some instances, long-standing traditions or beliefs, often reinforced through legal or religious systems that limit a woman’s role in private and public life, lead to the restrictions imposed on women. Women are generally perceived as home makers with little to do with economy or commerce. But this picture is changing. While circumstances vary markedly among countries and markets, there are far too many cases of marginalization and lost potential.

Women in Tech Industry:

Same goes for Tech industry, today, you will find many strong Entrepreneur women literally DOMINATING the respective sector! Let’s shed some light on very inspiring Women Entrepreneurs of Pakistan who are inspiring lots of young Entrepreneurs to go ahead and make their dreams come true!

Kalsoom Lakhani:


This strong Entrepreneur is the founder and CEO of Invest2Innovate – a social venture that provides support to seed-stage social enterprises and provides them access to capital in new markets.

Receiving her bachelor’s degree from University of Virginia and master’s degree from George Washington University,   Kalsoom Lakhani is a proud member of the World Economic Forum’s Global Shapers, and also a co-ambassador for Sandbox (Sandbox is a global network of innovators under 30.

If you are looking for a strong social startup and need some seed funding, Kalsoom lakhani is definitely the person you should go to!

Follow her at: @kalsoom82


Next, on our list is, Sheba Najmi:


Once a Pakistani television news anchor, now an extremely versatile user experience designer and product strategist.

This great Entrepreneur was a Code for American Fellow in 2012 and has also worked as a lead designer for Yahoo! Mail. (Yahoo Mail cater to over 260 million users all around the globe!)

Sheba is currently the founder of Code for Pakistan. She is also on the Go-Fig Solutions Board of Advisers and a User Experience Design Instructor (in both San Francisco and Pakistan).

Follow her at: @snajmi


Next is Maria Umar:

Maria Umar Portrait

Maria Umar is the founder of Women’s Digital League.Coming from the province of “Khyber Pakhtunkhua”, she runs a completely unique venture that gives power to women from all over the country to work from “home” by providing them with Online work such as application development, graphic design, content creation, data entry, social media and community management, and much more on similar lines.

Women’s Digital League remains a separate project of The Digital League focusing on training rural Pakistani Women in micro online tasks.

Follow her at: @MariaUmar


Another highly innovative and inspiring Entrepreneur is Sidra Qasim. 


She is the co-founder of Home town Shoes.

HTS is a very unique portal based on e-commerce that sells the shoes that are beautifully hand-crafted by Pakistani craftsmen and them sells them around the globe!

The major buyers belong to the European countries.

Follow her at: @sidraqasim


We don’t want to miss the amazing Jehan Ara.


She is the President of Pakistan Software Houses Association (PASHA), who wants to see a boom in Pakistani and Indian info-tech ties. Pakistan Software Houses Association is the Pakistani equivalent of the National Association of Software and Services Companies (Nasscom).

She also heads Enabling Technologies, a multi-media and Web development company in Pakistan.

Jehan Ara has 29 years of experience in Marketing, Communications and interactive New media in Hong Kong, the Far East, the UAE and Pakistan. She is a motivator, an entrepreneur, a social activist and a strong propagator of extending the power and use of Information and Communication Technologies beyond pure traditional business, to empower and enable communities.

Follow her at: @jehan_ara


Next, we have Salma Jafri!


Salma Jafri founded her own content marketing firm WordPL.net in 2008 and now works with Fortune 100 companies as a service provider.


Working from home, she manages a remote team. Not only this…

 She also engages into exciting new ventures such as her upcoming tech product, a content re-purposing tool for marketers, which has made it to the quarter-final round of an international startup competition organised by the GIST Initiative, a partnership led by the US Department of State and CRDF Global.

She is also a columnist for leading industry publications such as Search Engine Watch.

Follow her at: @salmajafri


Last but not the least, we have Mashall Chahudhri.


Mashal Chahudhry’s The Reading Room Project (RRP) is a great example of taking small steps towards BIG change!.

The project provides computer literacy to students from low-income families for free, by bringing its own resources, curriculum and, most importantly, its own method of implementation into a public school.

According to Mashal…

The core premise of RRP is to offer access to online education in a supportive environment, in a sustained and guided manner, in order to boost learning outcomes.

She knows that it is only the first step, and that she needs to work hard on her project and that the matters regarding sustainability of the project keep her up at night. But she is also sure that with the work, time and efforts she is putting into this project, it will soon be a huge success!

Seeing is believing, these women are the true heroins, listening to what they are accomplishing definitely gives hope to the young women Entrepreneurs in Pakistan and all around the world.  From their experience you can learn that when it comes to business, money isn’t always flowing and you got to work with whatever you got and make it happen! but don’t forget.. believing in yourself and Allah almighty is the key to success!.

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