Aaj Kya Pakaein-The Question has been Answered


In search of the right cooking app,we came across a funny looking wide-eyed lady in red in deep thoughts  and  we realised we ain’t the only people in the world who struggle to put a decent dish on the table that could satiate the appetite of everyone present.This picture alone was able to attract us enough to open it and get it installed and Oh boy!were we sane to do that! By now you must have guessed it, it’s a cooking app and a life saver too(we think so,anyway). Aaj kya pakain,no ,no that is not a question but an answer to one of your major problem. Its an app, by Eccentrica Technology,which provides you with an answer to the most dreaded question aaj kya pakaein.

Aaj kya pakaein-your daily menu suggestion

The answer to the most difficult question-aaj Kya pakaein

By the way if you’re thinking what’s with the hype it’s just another cooking app ,there are many on play store anyway then you should rethink.No doubt,you will find along list of cooking apps but none as good as this one-how? Well, first and foremost,its the DESI recipes heaven. and if you’re not one of those who like to eat those spiceless-tasteless not-better-than-paper burgers then surely you’ll like this app. It is easy to use that means your aunties and grannies can use it too-yes we are not lying,its that easy. It keeps suggesting you new recipes until you find the right one for the day. And you know what,the recipes contain no such ingredients which are difficult to find in the market. Believe you me its very annoying when required ingredients ain’t commonly available. And and and this is not all,the recipes are both in English and Urdu so if it is difficult for you to understand the method you can always recheck the Urdu version of the recipe. And yes,if there is a hidden chef in you,unleash him! All those treasured recipes that are in your head or those you saw/read somewhere and modified as per your requirements,you can save them on aaj kya pakaein add new recipe feature. Didn’t we tell you,its a life saver!

alternate to meat recipes

If you aint a meat lover,you can go for vegetarian recipes.

There are so many recipes to choose from,you will never run out of them. So all the kitchen queens and kings out there,take 2 minutes from your busy routine,go to play store and download aaj kya pakaein app now-trust us,you won’t regret and save yourself alot of time! Happy cooking=)

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