Al-Bayrak In Lahore – Be Ready To Drive Honda City And Suzuki Swift As Taxis

Hi my fellow Pakistanis! Ever wanted to ride Suzuki Swift or Honda City but couldn’t afford to buy one? Well your problem is now solved! You can rent these cars as Taxis now! Yes, you read right. The Turkish company “Albayrak” is going to be providing you the luxury of riding these luxury cars as your cabs!

Lanuch Date: February 16, 2016.


Photo Credit: PakWheels

Albayrak – A Turkish company, which is already overseeing the metro bus projects in Lahore and Rawalpindi/Islamabad is going to be launching cab service called A-Taxi in Lahore very soon. The cars that will be initially used are Suzuki Swift and Honda City.

Since the service, called “A-Taxi“, will be launching only in Lahore for now, 100 vehicles have been added to the service for now.

Al-Bayrak-In-Lahore - Be-Ready-To-Drive-Honda-City-And-Suzuki-Swift-As-Taxis

Talking to the Turk investors, Shehbaz Sharif said, “Pakistan and Turkey are tied with the everlasting friendship”. He said, “deep cultural and historical relations exist between both the countries and the historic brotherly relations between Pakistan and Turkey have been changed into useful economic cooperation”.

To avail the service, you can simple stop a Taxi like you stop Rickshaws on the roads, or you can use their Smart Phone App and call the cab at your door step! You will also be seeing the fare meters that have been long gone, to make sure you pay the fair rate and cab drivers don’t over charge you. A GPS system has also been added to the A-Taxi cabs and the service will be available 24/7.

It is said that the charges for first three Kilometers will be Rs 100, and Rs 30 every Kilometer after that.

Al-Bayrak In Lahore - Be Ready To Drive Honda City And Suzuki Swift As Taxis

As mentioned earlier, the cars they are using are, Suzuki Swift and Honda City. To differentiate between cabs and owned cars of the same model, the cabs are painted yellow with black stripes on them. Using these two models mean that the cars are more durable and reliable. So the owners don’t need to worry about that. City42 covered the Albayrak A-Taxi service is there news as well.

For up to date information, you can follow their Facebook and Twitter pages.

We wish Albayrak all the best!

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