13 Amazing Entrepreneurs and Inspirational Personalities from Pakistan in 2013

Huh! Difficult to state but still based on the past and current life of these amazing people, we have listed down these as the most inspirational entrepreneurs from Pakistan for the year 2013. Check these out and don’t forget to follow them, it will definitely give you every day inspiration!

Salim Ghauri



Featured and recognized as a true leader in the IT domain by many, the one and only Mr. Salim Ghauri who is the Chairman & CEO of NetSol Technologies; the largest IT company of Pakistan listed at NASDAQ for the past 15 years. He is one of the best known figures from the Pakistani IT industry.




Umar Saif

Umar Saif - BlogoGist


Umar Saif, MIT Post Doc, is working with his true entrepreneurship vision from last few years. He has founded several start ups that are doing great in their own way. Difficult to sum up his achievements – he is also the founder of one of the first startup incubators in Lahore, Pakistan, called SCI.




Raza Saeed

Raza Saeed - Confiz


A young, talented, aspiring and what not – this is Raza Saeed! Graduated from LUMS and established his own company, Confiz. A man who has achieved so much in a short period of time, founder of multiple start ups and still growing! And who can forget he is the man behind PakWheels.com



Qaiser Abbas



Author of “Tick Tick Dollar”, Qaiser’s own life journey reveals this million dollar secret that it’s not important where you are? The most important question is; where do you want to reach? He has been featured in ‘Zara Sochiye’ on GEO TV.



Farhan Masood



Passionate and determined – this is Farhan Masood! Along with his tech start up SoloTech, building one of the fastest retina and face recognition algorithm called SmartXS, recognized by MIT Forum as one of the brilliant minds, he is also the founder of Go Green Pakistan, a campaign aimed at connecting patriots in the country.



Zafar Khan



Zafar is the CEO of Sofizar. He is a highly accomplished engineer from Caltech with several electronic advertising related patents under his belt and is very passionate about performance marketing. Don’t forget to check out Zacky Farms too!




Zartash Uzmi

Zartash - BlogoGist


He is the man bringing the best out of his students, working behind different start ups, an amazing personality. He is currently a partner at Confiz too which is an amazing services company and an entity behind different tech products.




Zia Imran



A man who is MBA, Finance and Entrepreneurship from the University of Chicago and EE from Cornell. Apart from this he is the CEO and founder of VahZay (Pvt) Limited, a software and IT products and services company based in Lahore.




Khurram Zafar



A man known for his versatile personality, has been a splendid success story from several years with a lot of entrepreneurial contribution in the field of IT.




Idrees Butt




A person with a true entrepreneur mind-set, COO & Director at SMS-All – a start up that has been running up at a national level today!




Monis Rahman



Monish Rehman a well known Entrepreneur  CEO of Naseeb Networks, specialized in recruitment portal, social networking, classifieds and other services in Pakistan. He started Rozee.pk in 2006 and since then it has over 40,000 employers and 5.4 million professionals registered on the portal.  




Maria Umar


Mentioned by Mashable, Maria holds an M.A. in English Literature and she is the Founder of Women’s Digital League. She is an inspiration for all the women out there who want to do out of the box stuff!






Ali Rehan



The man behind Groopic who made it to Google Blackbox connect from LUMS, Pakistan! He is the Co-Founder at Eyedeus, a start up which is growing amazingly well and soon to be the next big thing – who knows!



Before concluding, it must be stated that this is not the end of the entrepreneurs or the most influential personalities in Pakistan! It’s just a list to get you started with an inspirational life and to get inspirations from your own home! Though it was the most difficult task to compile a list like this – seriously Pakistan got real talent which goes on and on!


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    • Thanks for the comments.
      No one can deny the services that Mr. Ifran is offering – and also we really see a great potential in his new company. Our current listing emphasizes on the year 2013.

    • Grammar Police

      He should not be. He has corrupted the image of Pakistan by running different companies on the side after selling Game View to the Japanese gaming company. Recently he has re-bought the company for free, because Irfan ran the company to the ground after selling it. Really sad.

    • Honestly the list has been filtered out
      based on their entrepreneurship abilities – boundaries don’t matter when you
      have the real talent. :) And we really know some of the personalities do not
      belong to Lahore. Pakistan first!

  1. Tahir Mansoor Khan

    Very Nice List. But why majority from Lahore only? Author missed out many other Inspirational entrepreneurs from other Cities of Pakistan.

  2. Faizan

    Irfan Haider Awan should also be part of this list, Since he bring alot of new technologies to Pakistan including World Largest B2B Platform for SME’s of Pakistan. He have also taken alot of other initiatives to prosper economy of Pakistan

  3. Imran

    These are Entrepreneurs from Lahore Only. If you argue this is from Pakistan ? Please visit Folio3 , daraz.pk etc. The young entrepreneurs are running these companies and revenue is twice or may be thrice of the companies you just mentioned .I can give you a long list of IT companies and their young entrepreneurs. Please give complete research before publishing such lists.

    • We are gonna definitely give all the geeks exclusive coverage only on BlogoGist. But thanks anyways for your views. We do appreciate your time and love the way you are indulged with our content.

  4. Tausif Aijazi

    One thing common in most male entrepreneurs is that they all are bald or tending towards baldness.
    “Secret of running a successful company”
    Another conclusion degree of success is inversly corelated with the number of hairs on your head.

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