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Today I am introducing you to the most epic mobile game Minion Rush. This game is based on the 3D animation movie “Despicable Me” and is a masterpiece by one of the most popular companies GameLoft.


It is an interesting endless running game which keeps you busy even when you are not in a mood! And the good thing is it is also available on Android as well as iOS. Let’s dig into this awesome creativity! I really hope with these details you will have a crystal clear idea of the gameplay before actually getting your hands dirty with this addiction on your device!

Minion Rush - BlogoGist

In the game, there are different Minion workers who keep going in an effort to be the Minion worker of the year. The more score or distance you cover the more chances are to win this title. It’s all about getting hungry and staying on the top!

Minion Rush - BlogoGistIt has a sleek design which is no doubt a great piece of example of a user friendly interface and it looks great even to stupid users.

The game has several excited spots with obstacles and of course you need a heart to pass by! It gets even harder when you move on after passing by each milestone. But the great thing, at least for me, is you can get a life even if you die by spending 20 coins! That’s worth the new life! Along with the fanastic place you visit in the game, you can also explore the secret areas to earn even better rewards. So the more you achieve the more you get a chance to stay on the top and score better.

You will find interesting stuff on your way while you are running towards your destiny which helps you to dodge the obstacles. Let’s have a bird eye on these:

  • Freeze Ray” freezes the obstacles in your way.
  • Minion Shield” protects you from one obstacle while active.
  • Mega Minion (xxL)” hits a large number of minion workers to increase your despicable score.
  • Banana Sucker” sucks up all bananas around you.
  • Fluffy Unicorn” helps to collect numerous bananas at once.
  • Banana Splitter” doubles your banana. So for each banana you catch, you are rewarded for two.

Not only this, but there is a lot more fun in this game for you to discover!

  • SpeedoMeter” increases your speed.
  • Bumpers” lets your minion jump higher than normal.
  • Slide” You will have bunch of bananas – easy catch!

Other than this, there are different costumes in shop each with a unique specialty. Must check those out!

Minion Rush - BlogoGist
Other than this challenging game-play, it has a ‘shop’ from where you can buy currency (you would get better idea ahead in this text), different costumes and much more! Bananas and the coins serve as the ‘currency’ for the game and your life in there!

Minion Rush - BlogoGist

You can earn both kind of currencies to have several rewards. You can earn bananas by catching up the ones that you find during your game-play and even if you want more, you can buy from the exclusive game shop! On the other side, coins are much precious and worth more than bananas and are little bit difficult to collect but don’t worry there is a daily reward of five coins waiting for you on your way in the game. All you need is a good eye! You can also earn free coins by watching a few ads and of course the idea of buying as many coins as you want from the shop is always open for you.

Minion Rush - BlogoGist
Getting rewards is a real happiness you would have while playing the game. There is a weekly contest which offers splendid rewards for the winners from all around the world. You can also challenge your friends with a unique taunt to beat your score, distance or bananas you have collected and you can earn coins by beating them! Hell ya! Why not beat your friends in the game when you can’t hit them in real? Good idea!

Minion Rush - BlogoGist
Here I am going to reveal a little secret for you to earn more rewards! In the “Options” menu, go to Help and then Gift Codes – here you can earn different gifts like banana Splitter for a run or a unique costume, etc. by entering different combinations of minions.

Hope you’ll enjoy this epic game! Highly recommended to anyone who is a game lover.

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