Amazon Going to Release New 3D Smartphone

In the race of technology all tech companies have been coming up with ravaging new technology especially in the field of smart phones, tablets and gadgets., though more famous for being a pioneer in on line stores, also decided to come up with a booming tech. Yes, it has been in rumours that Amazon will be launching its first smart phone. Now, it has been confirmed that this rumour is not just true but also awe-inspiring news that on June 18 Amazon will launch its first smartphone.

amazon-phone view

Amazon coming to the smartphone market

This smart phone will be unique owing to its ability to deliver 3D-effects. It sounds a bit fairytale but this is very much realistic. This is made possible by four front mounted IR cameras. It is big news to know that Amazon plans to do it by scanning faces to handle UI elements using these IR cameras. Amazon will be using Omron’s Okao Vision face sensing technology which will track the head of the user. By the help of an internal Amazon team this technology will put to use standard LCD screen to produce stereoscopic effects.

Amazon_phone new pic


Previously, 3D effects have been produced by various technologies almost all of which need 3D glasses to view the 3D object. What makes this 3D smartphone so brilliant is that it will use no such accessory and by harnessing the power of these front set stereo-aligned cameras it will detect the X,Y and Z coordinates of the face and simultaneously use the phone’s gyro sensor and accelerometer to produce a fast  3D response.

Initial news suggests that Amazon’s new 3D smartphone will come with some pre-loaded apps that use stern 3D effects. For this purpose Amazon has been contacting and promoting developers to invest in making 3D-enabled apps. The first launch may just contain a few gesture enabled tweaks but later updates may enhance this count more.

Amazon_phone fireOS

Amazon will run customized Android called FireOS

It has been in the news that this 3D smartphone will be powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor. Containing 2GBs of RAM and a 720p, 4.7 inch screen. The phone will also host a front and back camera. It is predicted to host the Amazon’s customized Android OS, the FireOS.

This looks like a device from the future and even though much is known about this 3D smartphone.  The real picture will come out when the 3D smart phone is officially launched. Currently it is not possible to predict the price and release date of this 3D smart phone but surely this will be revealed on its launch. Amazon’s new 3D smartphone is definitely a device that u want to get your hands on.

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