Android development gaining strength in Pakistan

Pakistani Android Developers have been developing some awesome apps and games since the Android Development hit Pakistan (and rest of the world). The Android Development here in Pakistan is getting more popular day by day.

android development in pakistan

Here are a few of the top apps developed by the Pakistani Android Developers. Please note that these apps are developed by Pakistani developers and DO NOT follow any particular order!

1. Groopic:

icon-1024 I am sure most of you have already heard about this awesome app  (already discussed Here) developed by Pakistani developers, it’s main and the most awesome feature is that the photographer can also be a part of the photo. This app has been developed by Eyedeus Labs. 

Groopic allows the photographer to feature him/herself in the picture by taking two separate pictures. The application then intelligently merges them to form a perfect snap

Pocketing the 100,000+ installs already, this app is getting viral among android lovers just like it has gone viral among iphone lovers!


Download this awesome app NOW!

2. SMSAll Messenger:

smsall2 This app(already been covered HERE) has been developed by Hafiz Idrees,  keeping in mind, the needs of Pakistani consumers.

SMSall Messenger has the following key features:
* Talk to feature phone users who don’t have any application installed on their phone
* Access your app friends via SMS when there is no internet available
* One-to-one fast and real time messaging
* Make new friends by using hashtags in your messages
* Chat in public groups and make new friends who share your interest
* Your number is not exposed to strangers
* Share pictures and voice messages with friends

Please download and spread the word around.

Install the application and send a free message to any number across Pakistan, even to those who don’t have a smartphone. that’s not it! it allows you to chat in public forums using hashtags to find like-minded people while still keeping your phone number private! With major clients like Oxford University Press and PM Youth Program, it is only a matter of time before this application gets the recognition it deserves.

This app has already made 10,000+ fans and continues to build a HUGE fan database.

 3. Olaround:

olaround  This fantastic app is one of a kind. This app has been developed by Bramerz in association with Google and P@SHA.

Olaround is a unique location-based loyalty service which helps you explore restaurants, retails nearby and earn rewards at partner venues!

With this app installed on your android, you can:

– Find restaurants and retail outlets around you.
– Get all the venue information including address, contact details, maps & directions.
– View the menu cards/product lists with updated pricing.
– Get instant discounts.
– Claim rewards on frequent visits at Olaround powered venues.
– See where your friends are Punching & Kicking.
– Share your Olaround activities (Punches & Check-ins) with friends on Facebook.

Olaround has got 50,000+ installs and will definitely get more as people get to know about how awesome this app really is!

Download HERE!

4. AllSecure:

unnamed Developed by Technolsys Labs, this app is a must have for all the smart phone/android tablets users!

AllSecure Mobile Security is a mobile and web application for post-pc era devices that includes smartphones and tablets. AllSecure can prevent & protect a smartphone or tablet from theft and online threats. AllSecure is a complete package for everyone, from a person who recently bought an expensive phone, a person who frequently uses internet through his/her phone, a person who carries along important data in his/her phone or a parent who is worried about his/her children.


This app features Anti-theft, Back-up, Parental Control, Anti Spyware, Business Solution.

So what are you waiting for?

Released in February, 2014, This app has already got 10,000+ installs and is going viral!

Download NOW!

5. Angry Imran:

Angry-Imran-Android-app As the name suggests, this game is about IK and his fight against rest of the politicians! This game has been developed by BrainFreeze! 

 ‘Angry Imran’ is totally inspired from Angry Birds. But instead of the birds there is face of Imran Khan which is used to shoot and destroy the faces of other politicians. The levels are Lahore, Peshawar and some other cities of Pakistan.

Around 50,000 installs already, this game is going viral among IK supporters.

Well, what are you waiting for Imran Khan supporters?? Get this awesome game NOW!

6. Hazardous Highway:

hazardous-highway1 Very Interesting and addictive game developed by ““.

The basic concept of the game is  to cover the maximum distance for getting a high score while riding your bike.Hurdles will come in your way in shape of traffic. Fuel consumption must be kept in mind while playing and your eyes must be open to look for fuel bonuses. If the car gets damaged, it will burst into flames and the game will be over.

pocketing HUGE 1,000,000 downloads, this game continues to gain more fan base!

If you are a fan of these kinds of games, you will NOT be disappointed. Get the game HERE!

7. Tiny Birds Run:

download This game is another fantastic work of ““.

 The basic objective is to save the tiny bird by running, sliding and gliding. The bird will have to run fast or else it will freeze. The faster you go, the better it will be.

 ‘Tiny Birds’ is Kiip enabled, which means that you will be rewarded with an actual prize by unlocking the achievement in the game. The reward can be like free packet of crisps or it can be a discount coupon from the retail store of your choice.

with 500,000+ downloads in the pocket, this game is gaining more and more popularity!

Download NOW!

NOTE: These are only a few apps out of many that have been developed by Pakistani Developers.

Let us support our developers and our apps by downloading, using and appreciating their work. After-all, this is out beloved country we are talking about! Let’s take Pakistan to the glorious heights together!

What do you think? Share your ideas and give us your feedback in comments section below. You can also connect with us on FacebookTwitter and Google+ 24/7.

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