Android SDK for Wearables Coming in Two Weeks

Google is working on one of its Android OS tailored SDK for wearable devices.  Android SDK will  target all manufacturers of smart watches and wearables as Google’s main focus is to expand Android in the wearable technology tools as well.

Its not just Smart Watches , The WSJ reports Pichai stated that the company hopes its Android platform will help the developers create many types of wearable devices. The Google’s smart watch has been slated to late March or June (although the company have not confirmed its plan).

Android being the most famous mobile phone’s operating system due to its vast variety of available on smart phones, Google wants to replicate and provide most of it on the other wearable technology tools as well including the Smart Watches. Android SDK will help achieve this purpose.

Google executive Sundar Pichai told the South by Southwest conference Sunday that the company plans to release in two weeks a software development kit based on Android for makers of wearable devices, such as smartwatches.


Pichai touted Google’s willingness to let people use Android for free, though he noted that the company requires licensing if companies want to build Android devices with Google services on top of the OS.


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