Apple Makes Some Big Announcements – Highlights!

Did you miss the big Apple Event? No worries, we got it all summarized here just for you! Read through the post and find out what Apple had to announce this year. Here are the highlights!

Tim Crook began with a quick statement regarding the previous issues with the FBI. he said:

“We believe strongly that we have a responsibility to help your protect your data and protect your privacy,” he said. “We will not shrink from that responsibility.”

Apple Makes Some Big Announcements – Highlights!

iPhone SE – 4 Inches is back:


Apple has launched the iPhone SE which is 4 inches. It’s a mix of the parts of iPhone 6S and the style of iPhone 5 style. The iPhone SE gets specs like its A9 processor and 12-megapixel rear camera from last year’s iPhone 6S, but it looks almost exactly like the previous, smaller generation, because lots of people still love smaller phones. Apple is encouraging users to upgrade from the iPhone 5S by saying this new phone has faster LTE and Wi-Fi speeds, better battery life, and support for Apple Pay with NFC — in other words, it runs like a new iPhone. And as rumored beforehand, the iPhone SE occupies the lower-end space in Apple’s catalog. It’s $399 for a 16GB model, which is alarmingly little space for a modern phone, but $499 for the more spacious 64GB one. The company will start taking pre-orders this Thursday, and the device will be available on March 31st.

Apple Watch and Apple TV Get Small Updates:


No big updates where announced for the Apple Watch except a drop in price – now down as low as $299 – and some new watch bands, such as a woven nylon bands with some funky color choices. Apple’s also added new Sport and leather bands.


Since the launch of Apple TV late last year, there are now more than 5,000 Apple TV apps, says Cook. He also mentions a few new updates coming to the OS, such as folders and voice dictation so you can say your password to sign in, and check out your Live Photos from the device. Also, you can now ask Siri to search for a specific movie or enter in a password with just your voice, a big improvement over the hunt and peck of typing letters with the Apple TV remote.

iPad Pro Gets Smaller:

Apple has also announced an update to the iPad Pro. iPad pro gets a 9.7-inch Retina display makeover that weighs less than one pound.


The new iPad Pro comes with a Oxide TFT display for high contrast ratio, and is 47 percent less reflective than the iPad 2 – the lowest reflectivity of any tablet, according to Apple. The device also has the brightest screen with the widest color gamut Apple has ever built. It’s designed to recognize ambient light to adjust the colors onscreen to best cast the tones for the most natural hues. It is also packed with four audio speakers, M9 motion co-processor, A9X chip, a graphics drive as powerful as an Xbox 360, and a ‘Hey Siri’ hands-free compatibility.

The camera’s got 5MP front camera, 12MP rear camera and can shoot 4K videos.  Accessories include a smart keyboard, Lightning SD card reader, USB camera adapter, and, of course, the Apple Pencil. The iPad Pro comes in four colors, including the new Rose Gold shade.

The device starts at $599 for 32GB and Wi-Fi and goes all the way up to 256GB of storage. That configuration applies to the original 12.9-inch iPad Pro as well.

Pre-orders start on March 24 and ships on the 31st.

iOS 9.3 Released:


Apple announced some new updates to iOS 9.3, such as password protection on notes, a night shift sleep-friendly lighting mode, and app suggestions for Health apps.

Apple News will now feature top stories and suggest Editor’s Picks for easy browsing. CarPlay gets a few updates too – with song suggestions and Maps locating nearby points of interests such as gas stations and rest stops.

Lastly, Education gets an update with more features for students, teachers and administrators.

Social Work:


Apple’s VP of Environment Lisa Jackson announced that 93 percent of its facilities worldwide run on renewable energy, and reached its goal of 100 percent in 23 countries, including China and the United States. She also said 99 percent of its packaging is now made from recycled paper. Apple has also showed off its new Research and Development project called Liam, a robot designed to deconstruct old iPhones into reuseable materials. Pretty amazing!

Apple Inc. Announces New iPhone And iPad Pro

Apple also announced CareKit – a new research tool for people to better understand data for various health conditions. iPhone users can now better track vitals like temperature, heart rate or range of motion if they have Parkinson’s Disease or have just undergone surgery, for example. This data can then be shared with their loved ones or doctors to adjust treatments. CareKit will be available this April.

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