What Does Apple Want With Beats?

Apple was falling apart. Steve Jobs was gone, and the company seemed distracted. Instead of focussing on computers and operating systems, Apple branched out. It built new #printers and a #camera, called the QuickTake, that couldn’t zoom or focus. This seemed like an attempt to disguise the lack of innovation in its main business. In fact, the new products only added clutter and chaos.


Tim Cook, the C.E.O. of Apple Inc., has insisted repeatedly that great things are in the works, but the company seems more interested in celebrating its past accomplishments than in talking about its future. Now Apple reportedly wants to spend $3.2 billion to acquire the company Beats Electronics, which is best known for its three-hundred-dollar#headphones.



Apple Acquires Beats

Maybe Apple simply has cash to burn and wants to spend some of it to acquire a steady, reliable stream of revenue and profits from an expanded line of accessories. If Apple’s experience in the nineties is any indication, this would be worrisome.

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