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The historical-action adventure game series is back! Assassins Creed Black Flag is here people! Surely, Assassins Creed series have made some of the best stories in the video game history. The gameplay, and the graphics make it even more amazing. But the thing here is that Black Flag may not be as much good as the previous games. People wanted something more than a pirate game. But who knows, maybe the game will be better than any other! Maybe even Brotherhood!

Story and Gameplay

Assassins Creed Black Flag takes place mainly in 3 cities, Havana, Kingston and Nassau. We will be fighting the Spanish and British as well as some pirates. BlackFlag will also give us more detailed Naval Warfare


Assassins Creed

New Naval gameplay!

Another amazing achievement is the under-water gameplay! In BlackFlag, you can dive under water, hunt some sharks, find some treasures and do a alot more!

Well, do u remember the bad guy Haythem Kenway from Assassins Creed III? His father will be the main character of BlackFlag. The name is Edward Kenway! And to the shock, he’s an Assassin! The question will definitely come to the mind that why the hell would his son become a Templar? I hope that the developers have answered this question.

Multiplayer is also coming back to this much-achieved series. It will have some better settings and new modes never seen before(hopefully, a co-op mode too?)

Assassins Creed: BlackFlag will be released on Microsoft Windows, PS3, PS4, xBox 360, and of course xBox One on 29th October!

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