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An enthusiast who takes inspiration from anything and everything. Loves to pen down my thoughts. Writing is a liberating experience for me. Love drawing and sketching and my pets.
Best Tablets 2014

Best Tablets To Choose From.

We, the current generation is totally dependent on technology, there goes not a single day when we live without our phones or laptops. Our lives,…

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Your home or work place is the reflection of your personality. The way you decorate your home/office tells alot about you and your prespective towards…

Ramadan Mubarak

Best Apps To Download For Ramadan 2014

Who doesn’t love waking up to the filling fragrances of the aromatic herbs that moms use to create magic with in the kitchen or hearing…


P@SHA IT Salary Survey 2014

Pakistan Software Houses Association for IT and ITES has recently conducted a IT Salary Survey 2014 to review the salaries and promotions offered to the…