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With summer vacations around the corner, I’m sure you have a long list of plans that you really can’t wait to put to carry up,going to cinema will definitely be one of them.Right? but do you think you have the stamina to wait in long queues in this sultry weather for buying a movie ticket? as far as I’m concerned its a big no no for me,I really can’t stand the heat! But wait!What if I tell you,you actually don’t have to waste your precious hours and petrol but you can get the tickets right on your doorsteps?Yaayyy,cool right?


bookme-cinema-tickets offers exclusive tickets for premier shows and regular shows as well


With a google app, made by Faizan Aslam, you can now book the tickets of your favorite movies on the go without the hassle of waiting in endless queues and perspire to death. If you don’t own an Android gadget,well, you can use the website and book your ticket there. What a relief I tell you! What’s unique about is that when you choose your movie you get all the showtimes and cinemas that are playing that particular film. That means you need not to waste another half an hour to browse several websites of cinemas to check their showtimes-that’s all you can get at one particular website/app! The website have list of movies that are being played currently ,in local cinemas, with their synopsis and a trailers-read the synopsis,watch the trailer and if it piques your interest then go ahead and book the tickets to be delivered to your home.


bookme android app Android App

Not only that but you can reserve the desired seats.Wow! now you don’t have to feel bad for not being able to get the front seat-go to,select your favourite seats and Viola! you’re done. Apart from helping you reserving the tickets and seats you can reserve the bus tickets as well for travelling from Lahore to other cities. And wait this is not all, informs you about all the upcoming events within the country. So if you’re an Artist and want to get some inspiration from other Artist’s work,you have to open up and in event section select your city to know about all the Art Exhibtions that will be held in your town.

To cut the long story short,this app is must to have for Pakistanis,it’s simple to use and it saves you time! Now you can certainly add “Movie with friends” twice in your vacations to do list.

So what are you waiting for, Download the awesome app now:  Google Play Store Link


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