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It is never easy when it comes to planning an international trip; even tougher when it comes to Pligrimage planning. You never know where to start, where to apply, which agency is fake, which is real, which one provides the best deals possible. This is where Khurram Mir has stepped in to help the Muslims all around the globe plan their trips to offer Pilgrimage through his truly unique startup, “bookmyUmrah”. Khurram Mir, along his team, is addressing the problem which is going to have a positive impact of the lives of more than 60 million Muslims around the globe. They are starting with Pakistan but the idea is to expand it to other countries as well, to facilitate the Muslim community plan for their Umrah, Hajj and Zyarat.

BookMyUmrah is a very unique startup, designed for the convenience of Muslims (Pakistanis for now) planning their pilgrimage using the best travel agencies available.

The best part? You can do it all from home! No going out in the blazing heat, no waiting up in queues, no asking the agents and waiting for them to come up with accurate answers. You just go to their website and easily plan and book your plans according to your needs. Once you have successfully booked your tour, the company calls you and confirms.

What does BookMyUmrah do?

BookMyUmrah is here to address practical challenges faced by pilgrims along with tour operators in multi-billion dollar Hajj, Umrah and Ziyarat marketplace. BookMyUmrah caters to both potential pilgrims as well as tour operators who specialize in creating Umrah, Hajj and Ziyarat travel packages. Bringing together otherwise scattered information, the website allows travelers to find affordable and appropriate packages, which include accommodation and shopping alongside travel arrangements. Pilgrims can post reviews of their experiences and connect with other pilgrims.

Services provided by BookMyUmrah:

For Pilgrims:

  • Search and compare relevant Umrah, Hajj and Ziyarat packages Discounts from agents.
  • Ability to customize packages according to your needs.
  • Get quotation Online for customized Hajj , Umrah and Ziyarat Packages.
  • Make bookings.
  • Connect travelers to partner travel agents.
  • Share experience using BookMyUmrah community (Images/Videos).
  • Rate, Review and compare travel agents services.
  • Learn about Umrah, Hajj and Ziyarat Pilgrimage through Knowledge hub.
  • Create personal profile.
  • Receive notifications.
  • Social Network Sharing.
  • Online Store for Umrah, Hajj and Ziyarat related items.
  • Add Package to wish list for later review.
  • Track online bookings.

For Travel Agencies:

  • Create and Customize Hajj, Umrah and Ziyarat packages for traveling agencies.
  • Receive confirmed bookings from BookMyUmrah. All the verification will be performed by BMU.
  • Receive referrals through BookMyUmrah integration or emails.
  • Travel Agencies can market their portal and services through their network i.e. BookMyUmrah Community.
  • Travel Agencies can advertise their travel companies through BookMyUmrah premium ad space offers.
  • Share company branded Hajj and Umrah information using Knowledge Hub offered by BookMyUmrah.
  • Exposure to a targeted customer base: People on this site are looking for services only in Hajj, Umrah and Ziyarat industry
  • View statistics and reports on your profile and packages: Travel agent can -view all the statistics related to their packages.
  • No commitment: There is no contract and no obligations from Travel -Agencies. They can add/remove their hajj, umrah and Ziyarat packages as and when needed.

BookMyUmrah is completely legal and recognized. It is registered as BookMyUmrah (PVT.) Ltd. in Pakistan,
while it’s registration is in progress in Canada and UK and USA (as LLC).


Travel Agencies Working with BookMyUmrah:

It is very essential to know which travel agencies are working with the startup, so that it doesn’t cause you any trouble later on. BookMyUmrah has already got 50 agencies on board and is expanding on regular basis. They have a very strict procedure for selecting their Partner Travel Agencies.

Each Travel agency goes through various verification stages before they are allowed to advertise their packages on BookMyumrah Platform.

They only work with Umrah Travel agencies that are certified and registered by IATA, TAAP (Travel Agents association of Pakistan) and with Hajj Travel agencies that are certified and registered by HOAP (Hajj Organizers Association of Pakistan).

Here is a list of some well known agencies working with this startup:

  • Rehman Travels
  • Falcon Express
  • Universal Brothers
  • AlKiswa
  • TravelMate
  • AlKhair Group
  • Fatimids
  • Aeroma (Final Stage)
  • Tawaf International
  • AlFatah Travels
  • Travel Channel
  • Century Travels
  • Lala Gi Travels (Group of Companies)
  • National Air Express
  • Al Huda
  • Faremakers
  • Safina e Haram
  • Travel Hut
  • King Umrah Service
  • Bukhari Travels ( Final stage)
  • Fatimids
  • Musrsaleen
  • Makki Madni
  • Sonya Travels
  • Sakuf Travels
  • Fly Aviation
  • Oasis (in progress)
  • Alkhair (in process)
  • Al Hunain (in progress)
  • Ali Ahmad Travels
  • Allied Travel
  • Travel Port
  • Senzer International
  • Shawaiz Travel
  • Bait ul Mamoor
  • Faiz e Alam
  • Arfah Travels & Tours
  • Highline Trvels
  • Sky Routing Travels
  • Three Dee’s Travels
  • EasyTickets
  • Karwan e Mughal
  • Fly Abraod Travel
  • Real Links Travels
  • Al Jazi Travels
  • Labbak International
  • AlNasir
  • Crown Travels
  • Map Travels & Tours
  • Diamond Hills
  • Mina Shareef Tours
  • Al Atiq Travels
  • Al Hakeem Travels
  • Proficient Travels
  • Al Nakheel Travels

Team Behind BookMyUmrah

Following people are hard at work behind this amazing and unique startup:

Khurram Mir – Founder & CEO:

Khurram Mir is the founder and CEO of BookMyUmrah. Having over 15 years experience in analysis, design and development of scale-able enterprise applications, he is paving a successful path for this startup.  He holds MS in Computer science. He previously worked as:
Technical consultant, Bridgevine,  USA.
CTO , Anasage LLC , USA.
CTO, Open-Silicon Pakistan.
Senior System Architect ,Open-Silicon inc, USA.
Director Engineering , Ebryx.
Senior Engineering Manager, Palmchip USA.

Anjum Chohan  – President Sales & Business Development

Anjum has over 28 years of Silicon Valley extensive experience in Business Development, Sales  & Marketing with Fortune 500 Companies. He has enjoyed the following positions in his successful career track:
CEO/GM ,Open-Silicon Pakistan.
VP/IP Development ,Open-Silicon Inc.
CEO, Palmchip Technologies Pakistan.
SVP Sales & Business Development , Maxoptix.
SVP Sales & Business Development,Maxtor Corp.
VP Sales & Business Development, Seagate.

Dr Aun Abbas  – Member , Board of Advisor

Dr. Aun Abbas holds a Ph.D. and an M.S. in Electrical Engineering from Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada. He has done more than hundred (100) technical contributions in ITU-T, IEEE 802, ANSI, ETSI, ATM Form 4 US Patents whereas 3 Patent applications are pending. He has been:
CEO, National ICT R&D Fund Pakistan.
Nortal, USA/ Canada.
Sony Ericson USA.
Professor, LUMS, Pakistan.
CEO, Palmchip, Pakistan.
CEO, Teleware System.
CEO, Sun-Volts Pakista.

Mehreen Siddique  – Manager, Marketing

Mehreen holds BS(Hons) in Information Technology. She has extensive Marketing experience. Her past work includes:
Marketing Manager, Palmchip.

This is a commendable effort from Khurram Mir and team in order to bring relief to people looking to plan for Umrah, Hajj or Zyarat. They have been getting great response and they have a bright future. Keep up the good work! What do you guys think? Do let us know in comments sections below!

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