Burst Capture-The Fastest Camera App

Once upon a time mobile and camera were 2 separate gadgets but now, they can never be separated ,thanks to the technology which took in all the pain to unite them and boy!are we anything less pleased with their union! :) You can’t imagine a cellphone without a camera in it, can you? So when you have a camera in your favourite smart phone ,why not have a best camera app too. Here we are talking about this really cool app, Burst Capture, which has recently been launched.

By the way its not your usual camera app, meaning, it does more than editing and touch-ups. Like its name, it actually bursts 24 frames per second (wow, it really is the fastest, no?) And that’s not all you’re actually allowed to choose the best of the captures and save them to your phone. But ofcourse you can preview all 1500 high quality images to make your pick from.

And wait it doesn’t end here, buddy you can even select from those 1500 of images that your camera just clicked and apply filter to just those clicks.Isn’t it amazing! Seriously when taking selfies we end up looking rather funny at times, with Burst Capture you can choose the option of auto/manual focus and adjust exposure settings just the way you want. Yes, we know now you really can impress your friends with your professional photography skills.

You can simply share your best captures on social networking sites. Just take your 1500 clicks within a minute, choose the best ones, apply filters if you want and share,share, share on facebook, instagram( we bet you won’t be quicker than Burst Capture!) . And did we tell you Burst Capture is free to download? Yes, you heard right this brilliant app is free- now its a must download if you’re Apple user( we know its tragic we don’t have it on Android yet). They are working on Android one too so you probably will have it in future-don’t be disappointed so quickly.

Here are few snaps from the iphone app:

All the Apple users, go download it and let us know what do you think of the Burst Capture App. So all you photographers out there its time to shine. For android users, the team behind the app is currently working on the android version, it will be available soon on play store. Keep checking their website for more updates.

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