Car Manufacturer Citroen Hacked

The German website of french car manufacturer “Citroen”  has been hacked by Hackers and investigation against hackers has been launched. They’re not sure but they think that their customer’s information like Credit Card etc has been stolen. Hackers didnt defaced it , they took a smart action and keep on monitoring and collecting Its users personal information like Credit Cards.

Actually the attacker first uploaded It’s backdoor on their one of the subdomain “”  which allowed them to edit / create / delete any file and even could give access to cPanel. The backdoor has been successfully removed but it appears that the backdoor was uploaded in August 2013 on the gifts website.

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It’s still unknown that what kind of data has been stolen , Users and administrators password have been reset but now the administrator have finally recovered it successfully. The customers are requested to keep an eye on their bank accounts as there might be a risk of there information to be leaked.These were the same hackers which attacked Adobe last year and leaked most of the users data.


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