Celebrate Ramadan With Google Ramadan

Each year Ramadan brings with itself joys, peace and festivities. Muslim around the world, prepare themselves in advance to enjoy this blessed month with their loved ones. To celebrate this spirit of Ramadan, Google has brought for all the Muslims in the world, Google Ramadan.

Google Ramadan

Google Ramadan

A calender that lets you share your joyous moments with those dear to you. It’s not an ordinary calender, Google Ramadan keeps you updated and connected with your family around the globe. Plan with your friends a meet up or organise an iftar party at home and invite them all through Google Ramadan. Note down your important events and get together that you have scheduled this Ramadan, so that you don’t miss your precious moments.

Celebrate Ramadan with Google Ramadan

Share your joys with Google Hangouts

Plan an iftar in some fancy restaurant and plan your trip back home via Google Map. Now making plan online is easy, simply chat with friends/families and organise a party. If your dear ones can’t make it to return home this Ramadan, that is alright. With Google Hangout watch them and share with them your photos, videos and what not.

Share with the world your secret Ramadan recipes and let them have the taste of your cuisines. Share it on Google+ with the hashtag #ShareRamadan. You can share your photos too, show the world how you celebrate Ramadan and what you cook in Sehri and Iftar.

With Google Ramadan share your secret Recipes

Share your recipes with hashtag #ShareRamadan

Google Ramadan has loads of programs that you can watch if youtube is allowed in your region or via PlayStore, Install the apps related to Ramadan and watch shows with your whole family. This Ramadan, make the most of your favourite month with Google Ramadan.

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