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Since the release of smart phones, we have been having apps that provide us with maps and routes. Over a period of time these apps increased in their diversity and enhanced the tasks they handle. From just showing basic maps and images of different cities to a complete solution for navigation, shopping and other integrated services. Developers around the world have been busy developing similar apps and currently the app market and play store is filled with such apps with slight variations. But, most of these apps focus the users all around the world in general and it was about time someone developed such an app for our country, Pakistan. So, one of the very famous entrepreneurs of Pakistan Monis Rehman took this task on his shoulders. Previously well known for his work in developing one of the biggest professional networking and job hunting website of Pakistan, Monis Rehman, is also the mastermind behind the website. is an integrated website that provides a lot of services from finding out addresses and phone numbers, finding out movies being played in the cinema of your choice right from your home to online shopping services and much more. Recently, they launched an android app for the service of right from your cell phones. The app is called Chalo Navigator – Pakistan.

Chalo Navigator – Pakistan as its name suggests is an app specially developed for Pakistani users. It provides extra-ordinary services right from your cell phone. Ever been lost in the streets of Pakistan while searching for a house or a place? Ever been stuck in traffic and wondered about knowing alternate routes for your destination. Well, in this case Chalo Navigator is just the right app for you. It provides door to door navigation services to house addresses and any other location in Pakistan’s largest cities.

Ever needed to use the ATM or to reach a Petrol and CNG pump in a hurry and not sure where to go? Yet again Chalo Navigator app proves itself useful. It enables you to navigate and search petrol and CNG pumps, hospitals, police stations , restaurants along with their menus or possibly any other place of interest. Not just that you can also view the movies been played in your most famous cinemas right from your cell phone by using this app.

chalo UI image

Chalo App User Interface

Chalo Navigator database has more than 1,000,000 points of interest across Pakistan. Wondering that’s too much ? No, it also enables users to maintain custom places and manage favorites list for easy navigation. Last but not the least one of the most beneficial services provided by Chalo Navigator is that you can share locations with  anyone on Facebook, WhatsApp or any other communicators.

I say that this is a long awaited app for the users from Pakistan and this is just the reason behind its extra ordiary success. Indeed, an ingenious work. So, don’t wait any more and get your hands on the CHALO NAVIGATOR – PAKISTAN app right on your android phone for free from Google Playstore.

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