Closing Ceremony, Results & Day 3 at NaSCon – FAST Islamabad

Welcome back folks , it was Day 3 of the NaSCon event and we are bringing you the happenings of the day in case you have missed them. The day kicked off as usual with traditional halwa puri with lassi and after a good night’s sleep , the contestants looked set to compete ferociously in the competition that the day had in store for them.


Next up was Little Artists competition which was for school going children of age group 6 to 10 and offered the young minds , a break from from their daily school routine while inculcating in them , a sense of recycling and ‘thinking out of the box’ . They were given a tutorial on making paper plate crafts, caper cup crafts, bottle crafts, clay pot decoration and afterwards they were tested on the same . Here is a look at young minds in action :


Today marked the start of business competitions and first up was ‘Ideal Candidate’.The mission of Ideal Candidate was on the communication skills of students and  how effectively they can ‘brand’ themselves in front of an interviewer. Mock interviews were conducted and the ‘people skills’ on the participants came under scrutiny.




Accounting Guru , the accounting event of business category came next where the participants were scrutinized for their skills in the fields of fundamental, financial, corporate and cost which comprise the whole field of accounting. The methods for judging the skills of the entrants were divided into two parts namely Multiple Choice Questions which had a weightage of 40% and case study were also handed out which were to be solved according to the merit of the problem. The results have been announced and Quaid e Azam University have been declared winners  while NUST Busniess School are the runners up.


Business plan was next in line and NASCON , which has a spirit of encouraging entrepreneurship and has a history of supporting entrepreneurs by the means of superbly organized competition. This particular brand of competition targeted the audience whose school of thought differed from 9 to 5 mentality. Participants were asked to pitch their idea and present it in a fashion appealing to both masses and judges. With a prize money of 35 thousand and a very strong pool gunning for glory, this competition is up for grabs for anybody who can go the extra mile for his/her passion.


Speed Programming Competition, is a must for every event aiming to target the tech savy audience whose passion is known to all ; Code and code hard. In this competition the participants got a chance to prove their mettle in the field of programming and come up with unique algorithms to code into solutions. The weapons in their disposal to solve the problems at hand  were C, C# and Java. With a constraint on time being 3 hrs , Speed Programming was surely a test of nerves for the coding geeks.


Interface A Thon, is a competition tailor made for students who love to work on Microcontrollers and solving real life problems by applying their theoretical skills to solve real life problems. The participants had the choice of either C or Assembly Language to solve the given sets of problems. The competition was of open nature with books , references and journals allowed to consult with during the competition.


Debug Police , a new initiative by NaSCon , is a competition where students get to try their quality assurance skills.  A team comprising of 2 to 3 members competed against each other for the presenting the code they had been given into the most presentable and acceptable form which is recommended by the coding community. Good programming practices were rewarded and the code itself , was scrutinized by experts from the industry which gave the participants a heads-up on the race for developing software to provide quality solutions to problems.


Scavengineer Hunt , the contemporary Scavenger Hunt with a twist of technicality began and was the social event for the day. The participants had to find a parcel which contained a problem, the solution of which was the lead for the next parcel. A series of problems lead to one another and upon solving all problems , one would have a number of items which had to be deposited for points . The team with the most number of points had the lead for Round 1. Round 2 consisted of a making a solution to a given problem which had to be solved within the given resources. The team that came up with the most creative and comprehensive solution won. Both rounds have a weightage of 40% and 60% respectively and  winner was declared upon this criteria.




At the end of the day, when all the competitions had ended , it was the time for the last social of the day, Sky Lanterns. The participants had gathered in the main grounds and lit up their sky lanterns. While they waited in anticipation for their sky lanterns to fill up ,the expressions on their faces told the whole story. A story of 3 days , numerous competitions and countless smiles and joys that event had brought upon their face. As they released their heart shaped sky lanterns into the sky , a crimson shade fell upon the grounds illuminating the entire scene and ending with it , the chapter of NaSCon ’14 . We enjoyed covering this event as much as you enjoyed living it and here’s to hope that Team Blogogist will come again next time to NaSCon for a bigger and even better event than its previous editions.










Here are the Winners and Runners list compilation:



Math Marathon:

EVENT HEAD: Muhammad Asim

Winner: DRAW. Einents, EME NUST + Master Minds, FAST LAHORE

Runners up: Quaid Team, Quaid-e-Azam University


Battle of Bots:

EVENT HEAD: Ahmed Saleem

Winner: Shockwave Unversity of Punjab

Runners up: Steel-x Fast Lahore


Robo Sprint:

EVENT HEAD: Naveed Hussain

Lego Based Category

Winner: Sniffy EME NUST

Runners up: Bumblebee Headstart School


Logic Based Category

Winner: Lanthanides Air Univeristy

Runners up: Smart Hawk Comsats



EVENT HEAD: Ammar Sajid

Winner: Company IIUI

Runners up: Iqrian 1 Iqra Univeristy


Engineering Problem Solving:

EVENT HEAD: Asad Mumtaz

Winner: Hammad Ur Rehman Iqrian Engineers Iqra University Islamabad

Runners up: 1. Hunters


Micro Controller Based Category

Winner: Shooter Air Univerity


Best Design Category

Winner: Lanthanides Air University


MATLAB Master Quest:

EVENT HEAD: M Ahsan Khan

Winner: NT Quarks, IIUI

Runners up: Amijee Coders


Computer Science Competitions

Debug Police:

EVENT HEAD: Kashan Danish

Winner: JIR CASE

Runners up: FAST 3 FAST PWR


Ad Mad:

EVENT HEAD: Sehrosh Gohar

Winner: Ahsan, LUMS

Runners up: Iqra Technolia


Business Plan Competition:

EVENT HEAD: Khwaja Saad Sohail

Winner: DSSW engineering solutions FAST LHR

Runners up: LUMS team 2



EVENT HEAD: Shaad Ahmed

Winner: Fuuastians, Federal Urdu University

Runners up: IUIC Engineers 3, Iqra University


Ideal Candidate:

EVENT HEAD: Muhammad Hamza Ilahi

Winner: Mehras LUMS

Runners up: ZAIN Nust


Marketing Plan Competition:

EVENT HEAD: Arsalan Ahmed

Winner: LUMS

Runners up: NUST


Mobile App Development:

EVENT HEAD: Ali Kareem Raja

Winner: BIIT (BIIT)

Runners up: Codex Iqra University


Poster Designing Competition:

EVENT HEAD: Faizan Ahmed Soomra

Winner: The Slices FAST lahore

Runners up: Yahya Iqra University


Quiz Competition:

EVENT HEAD: Nabeel Mahmood

Winner: Wild Pointers Private team

Runners up: BIIT (BIIT)


Speed Programming:

EVENT HEAD: Ibrar Arshad

Winner: Programmer’s 11 FAST KHI

Runners up: Mini Coders  CASE


Software Project Competition:

EVENT HEAD: Muhammad Abu Baker

Winner: The Furturistic Fast ISB

Runners up: Team NUML


Web Application Development:

EVENT HEAD: Rashid Ahmed

Runners up: Webbers Comsats Wah


Engineering Project Competition:

EVENT HEAD: Rafu Ul Zaman

Winner: Siafullah  (Markerless Arm(FAST LAHORE))

Runners up: Muhammad Amir Malik (Hawk (IST))


Engineering Competitions

Circuit Mania:

EVENT HEAD: Hassan Habeeb

Winner: IUIC Hawks

Runners up: IUIC Tigers


Business Competitions

Accounting Guru:

EVENT HEAD: Farwa Malik

Winner: Hafza QAU

Runners up: Yasir Malik NBS


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