DataPlug Platform : Make your own data gathering app.

With new technologies in smart phones comes great deal of progress in the app development. Gone are the times when it took weeks and months to develop simple apps that perform basic functions. When we talk about open source apps a variety of Software development Kits are available in the market.

Making an app from scratch is a very difficult and overwhelming task I tell you. Punjab information and Technology Board yet again comes up with an amazing solution to this hassle of developing apps, developed by a team of researchers at Information Technology University (ITU) and funded by the World Bank and UK Aid, Punjab Information and Technology brings an Open Source Platform the “DataPlug Platform

DataPlug Platform


DataPlug Platform is plug-and-play platform for ‘assembling’ mobile applications for data gathering. DataPlug Platform is a hassle free platform able to develop apps in just 5 minutes. It is able to let us do this by assembling several different components just by dragging and dropping. The most prominent feature of this DataPlug Platform is that the app developed by it is highly dynamic and updates can be made directly from the control panel rather then re-installing the app or publishing the new version on Google Playstore.

DataPlug is Plug and Play makes app in 5 minutes

DataPlug is Plug and Play

The inspiration for DataPlug Platform comes from UW’s Open Data Kit (ODK). The main idea behind this platform is to enable developers to develop open-source, standards-based mobile applications. Previously the biggest problem faced by Punjab government was to monitor its own work so something had to be developed such that it may do so with least hassle and most outcomes. As a result this concept was introduced and the architecture of this Platform is engineered as a result of several projects previously executed by the Punjab government for collecting data from field workers using mobile applications. They include projects like  Dengue Activity Tracking System, Crime investigation Reporting System, Punjab Spot Pricing, Tracking of Agriculture Extension Workers, Tracking of Education Monitoring officers etc.

Dataplug key Features

Dataplug Features

The intuitive concept behind DataPlug makes it the ideal Platform to be used by the government and the NGOs and organizations that seek to collect data from field workers. The government currently has over 30 different apps using this technology and since the public launch of DataPlug in May 2014 it is available for everyone seeking to use it.

Information Technology University

Information Technology University

Umer Saif proudly spoke in appreciation of this app that:

“Mobile phones are our weapon of choice for monitoring government work.” – Umer Saif

 All-in-all DataPlug Platform has boundless implications for the developers belonging to not just the Pakistan government but also the third-party custom developers around the world and the fact that this app is open-source adds to its already acclaimed usage.

So what are you waiting for try it now: DataPlug Official Website

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