Day 1 at NaSCon competition @FAST – Islamabad

Day 1 of activities come to an end as the Mushaira sees its closing coming near. It has been very eventful so far for the participants which have traveled far and wide to attend this edition of NaSCon ’14.

Blogogist at NaSCon

Blogogist at NaSCon

The highlights of the day were the Web Dev competition practice rounds , initial quiz rounds and start of Gaming Arcade.It was a drizzly affair as rain began to pour down in the wee hours of morning and continued to do so till late in afternoon.

Yet rain alone could not dampen the spirit of either hosts or participants as they looked set to enjoy , what would turn out to be, a very enjoyable day. The pouring of the participants outran the pouring of the rain in the campus as students and professionals alike turned out for the event with participation ranging from Karachi to Peshawar.

The event kicked off at 1500 hrs , with both Gaming Arcade and Web Dev sessions happening simultaneously. Gaming Arcade offered the participants a variant of games to choose from ranging from FPS genre like Counter Strike 1.6 , COD4 MW and Medal of Honour Allied Assault to sports simulation of Fifa ’14 to racing simulation of Need For Speed Most Wanted. The talent pool that has turned out for the event is high by normal standards and it goes without saying that the Gaming Arcade trophy will be tightly contested.

Gamers Galore!

Now , for those of us who are partial to literary side of life , Mushaira is just the thing and NaSCon did not fail to please this cadre of audience as well. With a roster boasting of names like Dr Inam Ul Haq Javed , Ali Zaryoon , Zahid Fakhri and Sarfaraz Shahid , the crowd’s tastebuds were treated to literary delights beyond their expectations


Also making an entry into the Pakistani scene is Zorbing , a popular  recreational activity where a person is placed inside an orb, generally made of transparent plastic and rolled downhill. This activity, in particular, managed to rouse the attention of many onlookers who found the idea of travelling around, wrapped in a spherical sheet of plastic, very amusing.


Gun shooting and arrow shooting were met with relative success as well as people gathered around to show off their marksmanship skills , old school style.

Archery Range

After a day of cutting edge competition , the crowds were given a chance to cool off their heels by the way of a Carnival and what can be more relaxing than taking a ride with your chums, eating cotton candy and devouring an assortment of junk food with some popular names such as Tutti Fruiti , Subway and Pizza Papalazi among the ranks of those who have set up shop inside the carnival.

Sugar, spice and everything nice.

Ship ride and Ferris wheel have been , traditionally , a signature activity and no carnival is ever complete without them. We have evidence that people may also have enjoyed this we but you dont take have our word for it, here is the evidence *wink wink* :

Day 1 reaches to its conclusion, stay tuned for an exciting day 2 , which will be covered live on Blogogist, exclusive media partner for NaSCon.

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