Day 1 – All Pakistan Tech & Art Fest’ 14, GCU

Wow! What an event, what an audience, what an awesome atmosphere! You are here at All Pakistan Tech & Art Festival 2014, GCU where we had an amazing day 1.

All Pakistan Tech & Art Fest’14 is the biggest national festival related to Technology held annually by GCU-ACM Student Chapter in Government College University, Lahore Pakistan. The festival is a platform for all the students of technology to come forward and compete and learn at national level to prove they have the skills to conquer the world.


This event consists of three day schedule from April 8th-10th. Around 350 registrations all over Pakistan have been recorded which is a pretty decent milestone for a national level event.

BlogoGist team covered the event and had a lot of fun seeing young talent all around. On the first day of this great event around 200 participants were present for different competitions including 105 for Coding Geek (senior/ junior), 100 for Article Writing and Free Style Writing while around 10 students for concept design and Structural Designs also attended the event.

Hell of excitement and audience were found before the start of the event which last by the end of the day. Artist, intelligentsia, fanatical, coders, intellectuals, designers and writers gather at one place, this is what first day of All Pakistan Technology and Arts 2014 (APTA’ 14) was all about. It was just the first day but the buzz about the event was all around Pakistan especially in Lahore, where this spectacular event took place. The first day has everything to catch your attention for this great event.

The event gets started by the opening ceremony held at the Government College University, Lahore. Teams like PUCIT, UOS, UCP, UMT Lahore, UMT Sialkot, NFC Fiaslabad, UOL and many other universities participated! No way, who can miss this atmosphere! Let’s give you a quick review of what happened there at each competition!

Due to huge number of participants two sessions of Coding Geek (Junior) were conducted. Students from different universities participated in the competition. Result will be disclosed soon. At the same time Coding Geek (Senior) went amazingly well. Overall around 100 teams participated in this Coding Geek event.


Article Writing with Visual Story and Essay Writing with Free Style Writing competition ended up with phenomenal submissions. Though we are not going to disclose winners as they will get surprises by the end of this out-class event. :) You won’t believe, around 50 teams participated in this competition.

Other than the above, exciting competition of sketching and calligraphy made this event more interesting. It was just a hell of awesomeness at one place!

Overall, if we sum up the registrations for all the competitions, we would state the following figures:

Coding junior: 50 teams
Coding senior: 30 teams
Sketching: 20
Painting 12
Article Writing: 43
Story Writing: 34
Essay Writing: 28
Visual Story Writing: 20

Ah, well that was it for now. But don’t forget to join us on the second day where we will have around different competitions like Typography, Scavenger Hunt, E-Gaming and Sky Lanterns and guess what! Over 250 students are expected on this day. Catch all the excitement there with BlogoGist team! Don’t miss out these exciting shots from day 1:

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