Day 2 at NaSCon competition @FAST – Islamabad

Day 2 of the NaSCon competition is under way with all of its events nearing completion for the day. It has been a wonderful experience for the participants as competitions from a myriad of categories have took place in a tightly packed schedule.

The day started with a Lahori styled nashta comprising of Halwa puri and lassi , charging the participants with much needed energy as they looked to start the day on a high.The Carnival also opened shop and stalls from the earlier day were revived by hordes of customers lining up for their favourite sweetmeats.

Carnival Reopnes

Carnival Re-opens

Soon afterwards announcements were made for participants for their respective competitions. The opening rounds of spectation were served by events ‘AD MAD’ and ‘Chess Competition’ .

AD MAD ,is an event that aims at gathering a talent pool from different universities and colleges of Pakistan. AD MAD provides a platform to showcase their talent and aptitude for creativity, helping the participants to get some exposure and giving them opportunity to engage with other innovative and creative teams from all over Pakistan.With teams coming from Iqra University , Islamic University Islamabad , SEECS NUST , COMSAT Islamabad and LUMS , competions was tight and there was little difference between the contenders for the winning spot. Commenting on the event , Head AD MAD , Sehrosh Gohar, said that criterion for judging the competition was method of presentation,originality, video quality , innovation and the affluence in speaking skills .With prize money that boasted a base level of 25K PKR , AD MAD was surely very entertaining both for audience to watch and for us to cover.



Chess is a game that requires visuospatial ability and as such the participants were engaged in a battle of the wits for hours at a time to overcome their opponents. About 20 teams participated and Round Robin was the method taken to decide who would progress. The pools included University of Lahore , Gordon College , International Islamic University , SEECS NUST , Beaconhouse and Iqra University and competition looked tough as participants ranging from the age of 14 to late  twenties were seen contesting the competition. The competition will carry onto day 3.



Up next was Engineering Problem Competition which aims to test participants  knowledge and skills in fields of Electric circuits, Logic Circuits, Embedded Systems and Signal Processing. The participants were given tasks related to real life and they would have to come up with a technical solution in a span of 3 hours by the end of which they would be judged and awarded points. Event Head , Asad Mumtaz, commented that participating in a competition likes this makes one apply all the theory that one has crammed throughout their respective degrees. Universities that participated in this particular event were Iqra University, Wah Engineering University and COMSATS Wah.


Engineering Project Competition was also set in motion and projects were on display most of the day as the teams gave presentations on their project to spectators and judges alike. Among many projects set up by students , some of them stood out . First of them was the GSM jammer by students of Military College of Signals , which was designed for countering IEDs from demonstrating their lethal abilities. This project was also given the nod when the panel of judges came around to judge the project. Among other projects worthy of mentioning were Gas Detection and Leakage system aimed at detecting leaked and unwanted gasses from accumulating within closed atmospheres without warning the people nearby of the danger. Bright and colorful brochures were designed and a solid presentation was given as well. Khadeeja Abid , the teamlead of the project was kind enough to provide Blogogist some samples for display as well. Other projects included a miniature drone designed to fly at low altitude, by Riphah University.






Among all the noise and sound outside , the gaming community waited intently inside the labs for the commencement of the day’s competition as teams arrived to register themselves on spot. Head Gaming Arcade , Sami Shah , said he was overwhelmed by the amount of response he had received from the student community as teams from all over Pakistan arrived to contest for the winner’s trophy. The Gaming competition will begin formally late at night . The teams that are participating in Gaming Arcade are :
NUST EME College , Iqra Univeristy , Lahore Leads University , CASE , City School , ROOTS , FAST Islamabad , Lahore University of Management Sciences , Military College of Signals, Bahria University , SZABIST , Shifa , BZU Multan , International Islamic University , PMAS agricultural University , Edward College , GIKI , American School and LGS.




And after all the hustle and bustle of the day , NaScon has come up with a concert to entertain the participants , providing them with dazzling ambiance. The concert is set to kick off late at night as well with over 8 bands scheduled to play at the social event. Team Blogogist managed to catch up with an artist,Hassan Shah of Soulspeaks Production, who will perform at night . His portfolio includes performances over many TV channels including PTV , GEO and ARY and has done many gigs at the local scene.

We are sure that this event will reinvigorate the participants so that they will be back to full form when the competitions resume tomorrow.

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