Day 2 – All Pakistan Tech & Art Fest’ 14, GCU

Aha! Back to back, second day at All Pakistan Tech and Art festival was just amazing! The event was well organized and was much better than the first day. Team work was at its peak, the management was quite nicely done. People were excited through out the event and were participating to the fullest.


Let’s take a look at the event’s coverage by BlogoGist team. Event started at around 9 AM, the arrangements for everything were as usual awesome! Competitions like graphic designing, e-gaming, scavenger hunt and lot more happened today while a lot of young blood was excited through out the competitions.


Following are the stats we observed in different categories of the competition:

Counter Strike: 12 teams
NFS: 20
Fifa: 23
Tekken 5: 31
Graphic Design: 18
Project Development: 13
Sketching: 13
Calligraphy: 14

This was a hell of contest among amazing talent and BlogoGist witnessed it. Results day will be tomorrow, the final day of the event. BlogoGist will also be covering the event exclusively for you on the final day, don’t miss it. Check out all the photos here:

On the final day, we are looking forward to the final rounds of several competitions and last but not the least, closing ceremony! YES! Results will finally be disclosed. :)

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