Day 3 – All Pakistan Tech & Art Fest’ 14, GCU

Huh! So here we are, had awesome 3 days at All Pakistan Technology and Arts festival. Government University Lahore, YOU were amazing as always with lot of young talent from different universities. It was a great national level event which revealed talent at a national level in different activities from programming to gaming and from physical games to arts competitions. Everything was so well managed that one can’t resist mentioning the decency of the management.


The final competitions were worth watching on the last day of the event. Once every competition was completed, we witnessed  a hell of excitement for the final results. At the end of this event closing ceremony was programmed at which the following guests were invited:

Prof. Dr Khaleeq ur Rehman
Vice Chancellor GCU Lahore

Prof. Dr. Khaleeq-ur-Rehman is the Vice Chancellor and holds the highest Presidential award Izaz-i-Kamal in educationist sector in recognition of his overall academic distinctions.

Miss Freeha Zafar
Chief Cordinator Socities
DCS GCU Lahore

Dr F. Zafar got entitled as most Elitist Educated Muslim Role Model Scientist at UNESCO. Also she has served as Faculty for Engineering /telecom & and Business over 14 years.

Dr. M. Saleem Khan
Head of Computer Science Department

He is having over 27 years of teaching experience and holds a PhD degree from GCU.

APTA14 Prize Distribution

APTA14 Prize Distribution

And finally… The wait is over! Here we list down all the winners from different competitions.

Coding Geeks Senior: P.U.C.I.T took the lead, succeeded with flying colours!

1st Position: Shaheen Group, P.U.C.I.T

2nd Position: Angry Coders, P.U.C.I.T

3rd Position: Code Threads, P.U.C.I.T


Coding Geeks Juniors: Again, P.U.C.I.T is on the top of this list.

1st Position: Code Bots P.U.C.I.T

2nd Position: Error, Gift University

3rd Position: Adroits

In E-gaming, here we have the winners for each game played during this event:

Tekken 5: Syed Faizan, G.C.U Lahore

NFS: Ashar

FIFA: Umair Tahir

Counter Strike 1.6: P.U.C.I.T


In various other literature competitions, here we have the top talent:

Essay Writing English: Laeequa Ahmad

Essay Writing Urdu: Afaz Warsi

Article Writing English: Asmat Ullah

Article Writing Urdu: Huma Hafeez

Story Writing English: Syeda Hafsa

Story Writing Urdu: Memoona Javid

Free Style English: Khaula Jamal

In other fields, we have:


Graphic Designing: Mubraiz & Tabraiz

Free Style Writing:

1st Position: Khaula Binte Jamal, K.C

2nd Position: Huda Tayyab, G.C.U Lahore

3rd Position: Aaiza Nadeem, G.C.U Lahore


Scavenger Hunter:

1st Position: Newians, G.C.U Lahore

2nd Position: Andronics, G.C.U Lahore

3rd Position: Dead Souls, G.C.U Lahore



1st Position: Umar Bashir

2nd Position: Wajeeha Jafri

3rd Position: Irfash Farqi



1st Position: Javed Iqbal

2nd Position: Laeequa Ahmad



1st Position: Komal

2nd Position: Pakeeza Ramzan

3rd Position: Hafiz Zain ul Abdin


Congratulations to all these winners and we wish them the best of luck in future. This was an amazing experience for everyone associated with this event. BlogoGist now officially signs off from the event coverage but don’t miss out much more on our media platform for you guys!

Check out exclusive day 3 photos by BlogoGist team here:

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