How to Design Native Android SMS App

Got sick of viewing regular interface while texting on Android? You don’t really have to move to some other third party app, until you really want to. You can still jazz up your native Android application and live a happy life!

Android Native App InterfaceAndroid Native App Interface

Want something new and better? Here is the solution! Nothing to download, just follow this simple tutorial which will hardly take a few minutes and you are done!

Step 1:

Go to your native messaging app.

Android Native App Interface

Step 2:

Now you have to open your menu bar. (Press menu button on your mobile phone.)


Step 3:

There you can see multiple options but you need to click on “Settings” menu item.

Android Native App Interface

Step 4:

Now you will have a window like below. Find the “Display” section that has been highlighted in the below snapshot.

Android Native App Interface

Step 5:

Click on “Bubble style” and “Background” & customize these options the way you love! There are several options that have been provided by Android to make you happy!

Android Native App Interface Android Native App Interface

That’s it! Well done and Congrats! Now there you have all new look! Enjoy texting!

By the way, this tutorial has been tested on Android 4.2.2 but it will work with several other versions! So stay in touch for many more interesting stuff! For any kind of feedback, please don’t forget to comment under this post.

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  1. Iqbal Muhammad

    its good but its Little bit confuse in tutorial step 2 Screen Shot
    when we press Menu button there is some else screen so please check it

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