Digital Birth Registration Launches in Pakistan

Pakistan is on it’s way to becoming a digital country where everything can be done digitally. Paving the way for a digital Pakistan, a new project “Digital Birth Registration” has been launched by “Plan International Pakistan” in order to try and increase the number of birth registrations carried out. What makes this project unique is the use of smart phones to carry out the registrations.


“Digital Birth Registration” (DBR), is the project is a joint effort between “Plan International Pakistan” in collaboration with the provincial government and health departments. The initial participant districts in the health plan were Chiniot in Punjab and Sujawal and Tando Muhammad Khan in Sindh. Local civil society departments also contributed to the project with the telecom partner being Telenor.

In appreciation of the new Digital Birth Registration system, the chief, Dr Asma Hyder, Member Social Sector, Ministry of Planning, Development and Reform, said that the provision of universal education and health would only be possible if every citizen was known and kept record of. She said that it would only be possible if a strong CRVS system was put in effect. The new Digital Birth Registration system was one of the most important steps towards the future the government wanted, she added.

Imran Yusuf Shami, the acting country director of Plan International also voiced his support for the new registration system by saying that it was a major step that would help the country grow in the right direction.

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