Digital Youth Summit 2014 Peshawar

Be Hold! Peshawar is evolving! The first ever Digital Youth Summit is going to be held in Peshawar on 21st and 22nd May, 2014. Digital Youth Summit is a unique Technology expo and conference, first of it’s kind. This event is sure to bring together the Digital community of Pakistan on one common platform and has been made possible by the cooperation of Peshawar 2.0, the World bank and KPITB.


The conference is invite-only and includes keynotes, panel discussions and breakout sessions on freelancing, innovation and leading startups with speakers and panelists from across the country and abroad. Registrations are now open.

You will get to see three major themes in this mega event; freelancing, startups and innovation. As mentioned above, the conference will have “panel discussions and breakout sessions on freelancing, innovation and leading startups with speakers and panelists from across the country and abroad“. But the expo will be free to attend for all, unlike the conference. The expo will provide a great exposure to Pakistani startups.

This event is specially important because it will bring to the youth of Pakistan and especially to the KP, the art of online work, startups and freelancing.

Digital Youth Summit is definitely gonna gather a large crowd of young techies from all around Pakistan and especially from KP, that really needs a boost in the field of technology. And this mega event is the first step!

The expo is meant to showcase Pakistani startups and introduce the youth in Pakistan and specifically in KP to the idea of online work, freelancing and startups. The expo is free and open to the general public.

This is a great opportunity for every one to reach the experts and gain from their valuable knowledge and expert pieces of advice that they have to offer. And yes, this is definitely gonna be a great platform for like minded people to gather and share their ideas. It will definitely help them evolve to a much better level.  We all know how to use Technology, but to know how to utilize Technology in a positive and constructive way is an entirely different story. That’s where this event is important and this is exactly why this event is being organized.

Speakers And Panelists:


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You can find the Schedule of the 2-day event on Digital Youth Summit website. Don’t let this great opportunity go by people! Do attend Digital Youth Summit and learn from the great experts that will be coming to share their ideas and expertise with you on May 21 and 22.

You can follow them on their Facebook page too.

Stay tuned for more good people. BlogoGist, being the official media and communication partner, will bring you all the exciting news you need to know about this huge event. What about you guys? Are you going? Do share with us in comments section below!

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