Djuice Apportunity 2014

Do you have what it takes to make the best App?  Were you waiting for an opportunity to knock your door? Great then don’t wait any further because Djuice with its Apportunity is ready to give you just that!  An opportunity to create/develop an app of your choice and win prizes! The project is sponsored by Microsoft.

Are you up for a challenge

Do you think you can develop the best App?

You have wide range of categories to choose from when making your app so be it educational, business related or entertaining you can submit it. All you have to do is develop a good app that stands out from the rest and submit it to djuice, they will publish it on Android, Play, Nokia and Window market!

Many categories to choose from

Many categories to choose from

You know the good part, you don’t have to be telenor/djuice customer to avail this opportunity, now that’s generous, no? Whether you want to make an individual entry or submit your idea as a team or company, you have freedom to choose what suits you. Make single or multiple entries, it doesn’t matter but they should have a new idea/concept. And yes, did we tell you they want you to register till 10th of July, that’s their deadline. The complete app has to be submitted by 31st July 2014. So don’t just sit back and relax, put those lovely brains of yours to work!

Apportunity 2014 is your chance

Apportunity 2014 is your chance

What more is, you can have the app for free or you can put some price and whatever profit you make, Telenor will have a share in it. The winners will get an opportunity to intern at Telenor, win mobiles and laptops and you will be getting participation certificates too.

We believe, you should not be wasting time now, this is really an opportunity, don’t let it go to waste. Register now for Djuice Apportunity 2014, this maybe your chance to show off that wonderful app of yours. GoodLuck!

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