eLearn Punjab Platform : An Ingenious Effort Towards Literacy

Since the birth of Pakistan the governments have tried to initiate programs that lead to the uprising of Pakistan’s literacy rate. Many have made shallow progress and many programs just went by without succeeding. We, the citizens have always been in the hope of a prolific initiation by the government. But now we can say that it seems the wait is over. Punjab government sought this affair and for the first time in the history of Pakistan The Punjab information and Technology board launches a new type of learning system. The “eLearn Punjab Platform”, aims to provide a free online repository for free education and knowledge. Harnessing the power of media and internet this platform plan to give people free access to digitized educational content, relevant supplementary resources and online assessment tools.

eLearn Platform an ingenious effort from Punjab Govt

Punjab E-Learn Platform to Make Textbooks Available Online for Free

Currently, it is more focused to providing digitized textbooks for 9th and 10th graders along with videos, animations and interactive simulations, specially helpful for the students belonging to Punjab board. But it aims to provide much diverse and extensive content.

That is not just it. The eLearn Punjab Platform comes with a “CONTRIBUTE” feature right on the front page of the website which is yet again another wise feature. It allows the users to contribute to the program and through proper channel and approval the content will be added up to this extensive pool of knowledge. This will rapidly bring about more and more knowledgeable content and provide more diverse chances of learning to the students, all for free. As stated earlier this initiative of the Punjab government through the help of Punjab information and Technology Board will hopefully be a milestone for adding a prominent chunk to the literacy rate of Pakistan.

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Furthermore, in the future this content may come pre-loaded in laptops and tablets and may also be available on CDs. The PITB also plans to add tools for centralized course/content management for public schools. All in all this is a very good initiative by the Punjab government and its implications reach for the literacy of Pakistan reach far and wide. For more detailed information and overview you can visit the website http://elearn.punjab.gov.pk/

A few words by the Chairman PITB ensures the promising future and intelligent planning behind eLearn.Punjab Platform :

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Umar Saif

“eLearn.Punjab is an important component in Punjab’s education roadmap. For the first time in Pakistan, we are making our textbooks freely available online, augmented with a lot of supplementary material. We have made this platform to also crowdsource content from our users, which will make textbooks richer and enhance the overall learning experience.”

Dr. Umar Saif (Chairman PITB)

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