Encrypt Your Facebook Chat With Crypter – Ensure Maximum Security!

Let’s imagine you have something real important to tell someone on Facebook but it’s extremely classified. You cannot risk it getting in the wrong hands. Like in-case you are a spy or something. What will you do? Will you just leave messages on Facebook chat and hope everything stays well or will you do something about it?! Yes! You will use Crypter!

Crypter, a plugin available for Firefox and Chrome, is an encrypting App that encrypts the Facebook chat to enable maximum security of your Facebook chats over the messenger. It works by encrypting the communications with an agreed-upon password and decrypting it on the go in the browser.

Max Mitchell, the creator of Crypter is a student at Sussex University. According to him:

“We had an ‘if you can’t beat them, join them’ attitude, in designing Crypter. Instead of inviting users to join a brand new chat application we decided to apply it to an already established one – Facebook. And at the same time making sure that we don’t interrupt with our users existing habits.”

“The application basically sits silently in your conversations and works efficiently when you want to use it,” he said.

The app still has some bugs obviously. But in the near future, we can expect a great plug-in based encryption working hard to save all those top secret chats you got there! Mitchell has created something that is nearly invisible and seems like it might be a good one-off solution to secure communications between friends, reporters, and secret dessert lovers.

For more clear explanation, check out this official video by Crypter:

 SO, what do you guys think? Is this a good initiative? Would you use Crypter to encrypt your chats? Do let us know in comments section below!

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