Ex-Microsoft Employee Arrested

Do you remember about the screenshots of Windows 8 which spread before the Operating System was released? Well, some of them might have been be leaked by Alex Kibkalo , an ex-Microsoft employee who was just arrested for stealing and leaking secrets of the company.

According to Seattle Post-Intelligencer, the accused sent the Blogger (whom he met on a forum) parts of Windows 8’s code and Microsoft’s Activation Server Software Development Kit. He supposedly wanted hackers to use the Development Kit (one of the defences against Microsoft Policy) to crack Microsoft’s products.

If you’re thinking that how exactly he got caught , It happened because of Blogger as Blogger himself contacted Microsoft in September 2012 to verify the Windows 8 code which Kibkalo has sent. Investigators looked at Blogger’s Hotmail and Instant messenger’s account in which they found the e-mail and chat logs and found that Kibkalo has leaked Windows 8 code and even Windows 7 files in past.


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