Exclusive Interview with Pakwizard’s Founder

BlogoGist recently did an exclusive interview of Haseeb Ahmad, the CEO of Aldaim Solution, and asked about his amazing and interesting product called Pakwizard.


Aldaim Solutions

Aldaim Solutions


Pakwizard - Bata Day Sub Khuch

Pakwizard – Bata Day Sub Khuch


Q. How do you define Pakwizard?


It is such a setup that people can send an SMS to Pakwizard system carrying their question/query and receive the results in the response SMS. So end-users doesn’t need to know have an internet connection or a full computer system and can get their query solved with a simple SMS regardless of their cellphone capabilities.


Q. What motivated you for the Pakwizard SMS solution?


As we all know Pakistan suffers from great power crisis, hours of load shedding, lack of resources, no standard of primary education in government schools etc. Though internet has solved these problems to some extent in different ways but it has its own dependencies. Currently people need computer/laptop or some smartphone along with  internet/GPRS connection to access the content they require.
All these conditions given me to think of such a system which could change the dynamics of accessing information.


Q. What was your main idea of developing such a viable product?


What if, we have an “Offline Google” or in simpler terms we could have the ability to search and get the content we require without even getting connected to internet!
It seemed too good to be true.


Q. How did the current telecommunication industry helped you in this product?


Almost everyone is carrying a mini device in his pocket called a cellphone and the fact that telecommunication is the fastest growing industry here and is remarkably cheap. Every telecommunication company is offering very low rate (almost free) SMS Packages. According to the stats i collected around 237.6 billion SMS were generated by the industry in 2011. So to make a good use of this scenario in such a low rate of communication medium and it can even work in our energy crisis with no extra cost if you have subscribed to any SMS bucket.


Q. What resources did you need for Pakwizard at the start?


I developed an SMS Server (later called Pakwizard) and deployed it initially on my home computer along with my home. It was capable of  receiving SMS messages automatically, solved/processed the queries using my home internet and then responded back to the users.


Q. What are the main features of Pakwizard?


For a good start i developed  these services in the system which can be very useful in everyone’s daily life, specially students!


– Encyclopedia
– English to English Dictionary
– English to Urdu Dictionary
– Horoscopes
– Cricket Updates
– Vehicle Excise Details (Anti Theft)
– City based Weather Updates


So in a big picture, Pakwizard user just has to send a low cost SMS and he gets the required information in reply without any internet, computer or even expensive high spec cell phone. He could be be on road, in bus or in a classroom … anywhere!


Q. How about a Demo of Pakwizard?


Following screenshot shows the process of using Encyclopedia Service. Lets try it.
Send this SMS Command: PWenc<space><keywords>  To  03314783638 


Example: PWenc Allama Iqbal
Encyclopedia Service: PWenc

Encyclopedia Service: PWenc 

For complete list of Commands and Services you just need to SMS PWhelp on the same number and Pakwizard will respond back with the help list.



Get help through: PWhelp 

Let us know what do you think about these awesome services and what more can be done by Aldaim Solutions to enhance the product.


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