What to Expect From Google I/O 2014

Google I/O 2014 developer conference is scheduled to be held on 25-26 June this year and till then we can only assume what has Google in store for us this time. It is expected, Google will be launching its new Nexus tablet and Android Software will be updated.

Google I/O 2014

25-26th June 2014, Google I/O 2014

New Android 4.5 or 5.0 Lollipop : It is likely that a new version of Android will be Lollipop as we have seen before, Google has this thing for desserts! Though it is codenamed Moonshine, it is not yet known whether the version will be 4.5 or 5.0 , It is believed, apart from new features, the main focus of Android OS will be tablet optimization.

Android Lollipop I/O 2014

Android Lollipop Google I/O 2014

Nexus Smartphones and Tablets: Although it is a developers’ conference, but its anticipated Google will announce some of its much awaited Nexus tablets and SmartPhones. A new tablet, probably Nexus 8 with 8inch screen may be launched as a launch device for Android Lollipop. Though not guaranteed, but a new model of Nexus 10 2 is expected, as Nexus 10,launched in 2012, is a history now. An announcement of a new model of Nexus 5 is scheduled but it will more likely hit the shelves in Autumn/Fall of this year.

GoogleFit: According to Forbes ” Google Fit would allow a wearable device that measures data like steps or heart rate to interface with Google’s cloud-based services, and become part of the Google Fit ecosystem” So what we think, the app( not known if it would be pre-installed or one has to download it from Play Store) will be a lot like Apple’s HealthKit and will collect all the details of your fitness related regimes.

Google Smartwatch: Although we have already heard about Android Wear from Google but we may know more about it in I/O 2014. Probably a demo or few and about the devices it is compatible with.

Nexus 8 to be expected inGoogle I/O 2014

Nexus 8 to be expected in Google I/O 2014

Google TV: According to the sources well acquainted with Google Plans, Google TV will be launched in the conference. It will have similarities with AmazonFire TV and Apple TV but much can be known about it on the day of the event.

Android in car play: Now that Google has partnered with Audi,Honda and Hyundai, we can expect to hear about an Android app for cars in I/O 2014.

Android Home: Similar to Apple HomeKit, Google may introduce its complete home automation system. Though much about it is not yet known but with acquisation of Google with Nest Lab, and plan to buy the connected camera of start-up DropCam, we surely can expect something bigger and if not better,equivalent to Apple Home Kit.

Google I/O 2014

Android Home

Google Glass: By no mean, Google Glass is something you don’t know or hear about. The smartglass let you control your device by swiping interface displayed on the screen.You will be able to capture photos and record videos. Ofcourse something this smart can’t be cheaper,we may,in I/O 2014, know when the Glass will be available to retail market.


We may know the launching date of GoogleGlass in I/O Google 2014

You too can keep yourself updated with the event by installing the app on your Phone/Tablets. Also, Google will show live streaming of the conference but that won’t be free of cost to watch. Keep your fingers crossed, you never know Google may be up for surprises better than that of Apple’s. For further details, do check their official page.

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