Facebook’s Start To Success Program For New Advertisers

Advertisers have always seen Facebook as a potentially good market to publicize their products/businesses and gain loyal customers. Now Facebook has created a direct line to a Facebook representative, through the Start to Success program.

facebook-start-to-successAwesome, right? Here is the full story…

Start to Success is a program to help new advertisers succeed through Facebook. With “New Advertisers” being the target, Facebook has started this service targeting businesses in Europe, Middle East, and Africa that have not yet advertised on the social network. With ads they are directed to the Facebook Start to Success Program, which offers free support for first-time advertisers, as well as credit toward advertising.

A team of experts is ready to help you get started with a free 30 day program, which includes personalized consulting sessions, e-mail and phone support. By enrolling into this program, you’ll also become eligible for $50 USD free ad credit.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The Start to Success program is only for new Facebook advertisers and requires a minimum advertising budget of $50 USD per day (or  equivalent local amount) for the first 30 days. This minimum budget is required to help you extract the maximum value out of this 30 day program.

Many admins have noticed a prompt on top of their pages’ dashboard, asking if they want help in growing their business pages through Facebook. The link leads page owners to a form where they can sign up for Start to Success program. A Facebook spokesperson said this program has been around but now Facebook is making more of an effort to promote it.

The program offers a dedicated Facebook Account Manager. As already mentioned, Start to Success is a program to help new advertisers succeed on Facebook. This program is free for businesses who can invest $50 or more per day on their Facebook Ads for 4 weeks. During this time a dedicated Facebook Account Manager will make sure the advertisers get the most out of their investment by:

  • Developing a customized strategy for advertising on Facebook
  • Guiding advertisers through the process of creating targeted ads
  • Helping advertisers track and optimize their campaigns’ performance


Although it is especially targeted at new advertisers, this program could be a great one for current or past advertisers who have struggled or hit roadblocks.

So guys, are you gonna experiment with Facebook advertising and ready to give it a go?  What is your say about the program? Would a program like the Facebook Start to Success Program convince you enough to test out advertising on the social network? Share your ideas and feedback with us in the comments section below.

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