Website puts 1.2 billion Facebook Profile Photos Together

Facebook is growing, having over  1 billion users and still growing. Largest social network having a huge impact on how we share our lives online. Providing different apps with a new platform to outshine their unique ideas and flourish in the tech world.


The Faces of Facebook project is one of the unique ideas, presenting over 1.2 billion facebook profile photos together on just one page.


Initially it shows zoom out page of huge number of small pixels then you can scroll in or click to zoom in to specific area to see the clear profile photos. These are arranged by chronological order based on when they registered on the social network.


faces of facebook



The site is the work of freelance designer Natalia Rojas, who says:

I am not breaking any rules because it doesn’t store any private information, photos or real names.


It is a fun project. Why not give it a try ?

Can you spot yourself in this billion number crowd ?

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