Fire Phone, Amazon First Smart Phone!

Its a norm for Apple or Android to surprise us with their gadgets but it seems Amazon is here to shine all bright with its first smart phone-Amazon’s Fire Phone! The handset is all set to be launched on 25th July 2014. Jeff Bezos, Chairman and C.E.O of Amazon, thinks the Fire Phone has it all to compare it with iPhone5 or Samsung Galaxy S5. Lets see if his expectations are justified or they just bite the dust.

The usual features include 4.7-inch, 720p display, aluminum buttons, a Qualcomm processor, Adreno 330 graphics, and 2GB of RAM. It’s 0.35 inches thick, and weighs 5.64 ounces. But apart from these, Fire Phone does have features worth noticing. According to Bezo the speakers of phone are better than all the other smartphones that we have been using and the headphones that won’t tangle, of which we have doubts. Like seriously, is it even possible?

Fir Phone, Amazon's first ever smartphone

The amazing smartphone by Amazon,Fire Phone

The camera is 13 mega-pixeled and a f/2.0 lens. With optical image stabilization you can take the most clear and sharp images! No matter how your surroundings are, be it bright sunny day or starless summer night, your images will be clearer and sharper, or as Jeff says ” better than Samsung Galaxy S5’s or iPhone 5’s! And you don’t have to delete any of your precious photos when you can actually keep them stored in your unlimited cloud storage.

Jeff Bezos showing Fire Phone and explaining its features.

Jeff Bezos showing Fire Phone and explaining its features.

Dynamic Prespective: A good camera, storage, bigger screen are features that we dont get much attracted to as now most of the phones have them. But then what set Fire Phone apart from the rest? Well, its dynamic prespective for one thing. The phone has 4 front facing cameras, that combinedly give you the 3D effect on your phone! With each tilt of your head you get to see the other side of the screen, so it depends on how and from which angle you are looking at your phone screen. Checking out maps and webpages will be fun, with each tilt, you see the places from different prespective! This feature allows you to scroll up and down the webpages or flip the e-book oage that you are reading!

Fir Phone with 3D Effects

Enjoy 3D visual effects with Amazon Fire Phone

MayDay:If you ain’t aware of the functions of the phone or you have no idea how the certain things work , you have the freedom to contact 24/7 the customer service of Amazon via video feed and they will answer you within 15 aecs. So that is a relief for those who normally have a difficult time learning the features of a new phone.

ASAP: This comes in handy when you want to watch the video of your choice. What it does is, it collects all the videos, which it thinks will fit your choice, from Prime Instant Video collection. So you save yourself a time there.

Navigation was never so cool!

The cool 3D effect of Fire Phone by Amazon

Firefly Technology: Press and hold the Firefly Button and the phone will automatically recognize the e-mail adresses, phone numbers, web adresses, movies, songs, TV shows. Thus allowing you to save your precious time and storing everything that is important to you.

As the phone is by Amazon, there is this pretty awesome app available for readers by the name of Immersion Reading, and WhisperSync for Voice. With this app you can read or hear the book as you want. So at times, when you don’t feel like reading, with the help of this app you car hear it being read to you from where you left it.

Read or Hear your books in Fire Phone

The Reading app of Fire Phone.

With these features and technologies, Amazon is here to make an impression. But lets see if, with consumer markets already dominant by Apple and Samsungs, they manage to make their mark or not.

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