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What is a missed call for you? A message that you are home? reached your destination? with friends? coming to pick a friend? So a simple missedcall has become a medium of communication. Without a word the receiver knows what message is conveyed to him. But all these situations stated above are on domestic level. What if we tell you, a startup, by the name of FlashCall has taken the missed call phenomenon to a next level.

Make a better connection with your audience with FlashCall

Interact with your customers via FlashCall

For them these simple missed calls can have a phenomenol impact for business, marketing, banking. How? Well, the concept behind FlashCall is, when you/your company register for an account with FlashCall, you will be assigned a tollfree number. Your customers can send you a missed call on that number and you can convey them the desired information. As for example giving two consecutive missed calls signals that the customer wants information regarding so and so product, 3 missed calls and you will know the current promotional schemes offered.

Flashcall logo

Flashcall logo

These are just examples to make you aware of how FlashCall can work. Currently the team is busy making businesses aware of their app and assessing for which sectors Flashcall can be more productive. They want to know who will want to try their new app out on a larger scale. The media can also benefit from the app as they can get on-spot rating of their shows, or request for polling of programs. Apart from that, with more people trying their luck in online businesses, FlashCall can be really helpful. People can be notified when the payment is made or they can let the masses know about their promotions, deals.

The possibilities with FlashCall are infinite. Currently the team has no investors and they are managing on their own but they are in the process of communication with the investors. When you signup for FlashCall, you will be assign a dashboard from where you can run your promotional schemes, campaigns. You have a freedom of running multiple campaigns at a time. For each incoming missed call you can send the customer a SMS or a 50-sec recording.

For the month of Ramadan,FlashCall is free

Call for free this Ramadan

The idea of FlashCall is already being used in many Asian countries, including India(ZipDial). We didn’t know a simple missed call can be so beneficial and we hope FlashCall will have a revolutionizing impact on businesses of Pakistan. It would be amazing if you check their website, who knows maybe you too need FlashCall!

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