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If you are one of those crazy football fan who likes playing the game as much as watching it, then you must check out Football Rainbow Flick by GameChefs. Founded in 2013, GameChefs specilize in making 2D games. With Football being all the rage this summer, this game will keep you entertained.

A game for Football freaks, Football Rainbow Flick

It is pretty simple to play it. You are the player, Amigo, the cute little fellow in yellow and you have to flick and slide and make yourself some scores! When you will get it downloaded, you will see there are 2 options available for you, you flick to let the ball pass through the ring or you slide. The more successful flicks and slides you make, the more you score. Score more, you don’t want to disappoint the audience sitting there to cheer you!

No doubt the animation is cute and for many, who have already downloaded Football Rainbow Flick, the game is “quite addictive”. But we feel it would have been more engaging if they can add a trick or two and if Amigo can act more rapidly when we click the flick or slide button.

Football Rainbow Flick-get indulged!

This worldcup season have some fun with football on Football Rainbow Flick

All in all, Football Rainbow Flick , is a simple game that can keep you indulged if you are stuck in those boring parties. From our side the game deserves 4 stars. Why don’t you download it and let us know what are your views! And did we tell you, you can even share your best scores on facebook! All the more reasons to download it now.

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