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Hey you Tech guys! TechHub is proud to present Foreelancing Workshop Cycle 2. This workshop is going to be bigger and better than the last one.

Foreelancing Workshop is an initiative of TechHub Connect( Project of PITB ). As part of giving back to the community, TechHub Connect’s Management has empowered its top ranked freelancers to share their knowledge.

This workshop is extremely beneficial for those who want to choose Freelancing as their careers.

Freelancing TechHub

TechHub has designed a different program this time. The focus on the workshop is not just to teach freelancing but to polish the skills of en-rollers as well. This 6 week long workshop will be from Monday to Friday from 4pm to 6pm. Shortlisted candidates will be learning freelancing in iOS Application Development, Graphic Designing, Web Development, WordPress & Android Development.

Once the workshop commences, one skill course will be taught each week. Here’s the schedule:

Week 1: iOS Application Development Workshop

Week2: Graphics Designing Workshop

Week3: Web Development Workshop

Week4: WordPress Workshop

Week5: Android Development Workshop

Week 6: Profile Building Workshop (Compulsory to learn Freelancing).

Here’s a detailed overview of the course outlines of the skills we are offering:

Week 1: iOS Application Development Workshop

Eligibility Criteria: Computer Science background with at least 1-year of industry experience.

Skill Training Outline:​

  • Introduction to iOS
  • Setup and Hello world.
  • Intro to Xcode & interface builder
  • Introduction to Swift & its basic constructs
  • Auto Layout & Size Classes
  • Navigation, Storage and Live content.
  • Media, Images, Maps and Music
  • Core Data
  • Local & Push Notifications
  • Project Assignment.

Apply for iOS Application Development Workshop

Week 2: Graphic Designing Workshop

Eligibility Criteria: Candidates for this course will be tested on their design skills and aesthetic sense.

Skill Training Outline:

Five online platforms will be covered in this course:

  • Fiverr
  • Upwork
  • 99 Design
  • People per hour
  • Design Cloud

Apply here for Graphics Designing Workshop.

Week 3: Web Development Workshop

Eligibility Criteria: Computer Science background with at least 1 year post graduate experience in PHP/MySQL development

Skill Training Outline:

  • What type of projects to start with?
  • Finding a niche for yourself.
  • How to bid for PHP projects?
  • How to start a project?
  • Using agile methodologies
  • Source control and Wikis
  • Control panels (cPanel, Plesk, Vesta, ISPConfig etc)
  • Basic LAMP administration
  • Bug fixing
  • Project deployment and closing
  • Support

Apply here for Web Development Workshop.

Week 4: WordPress Workshop

Eligibility Criteria: Course is designed for beginners, a person with IT background and Freelancing Profile would be preferred. No prior experience is needed. ​Skill Training Outline:

  • Getting Started With WordPress
  • Installing WordPress Quickly
  • Installing WordPress via all possible methods.
  • Configure WordPress Easily
  • Introduction To Plugins
  • Installing Plugins
  • Work with all the different settings and tools of a WordPress website
  • Manage users
  • Adding Pages and Posts
  • Adding Pictures and Videos
  • Introduction To Themes
  • How To Use Widgets?
  • Using WordPress Menus
  • Setup A Simple WordPress Site

Apply here for WordPress Workshop

Week 5: Android Development Workshop

Eligibility Criteria: Computer Science background with preferably 1-year of industry experience. One should have laptop with good Specifications. An android device will be a plus.

Skill Training Outline :

  • Introduction to Android
  • Setup and Hello world.
  • Intro to Android Studio and UI Designer
  • Introduction to Java & its basic
  • Login with Facebook
  • Introduction to Firebase
  • Images and Maps
  • Local Notifications
  • Project Assignment

Apply here for Android Development Workshop.

Week 6: Profile Building Workshop(Compulsory to learn Freelancing)

Eligibility Criteria: Graduation / 1 year work experience

Skill Training Outline

  • How to Make Profile on Upwork?
  • Introduction
  • Tag line/Overview
  • Per hour Rate
  • Skill Set
  • Test
  • Portfolio
  • Detailed Profile
  • Call to Action
  • Summing Up
  • Practice/Questions
  • Motivational Talk on Freelancing
  • Client communication
  • Think Out of the Box

Apply here for Profile Building Workshop.

Important Notes:

  1. You may apply for more than one skill training program, depending on your availability and interests. However, please keep in mind that if you apply to multiple skill training, you will have to go through the application process of each skill which may or may not be different from one another.
  2. TechHub only has a limited number of students that they can accommodate so the selection process is highly competitive.
  3. These trainings are free of cost and no application charges are levied.
  4. Only serious candidates are encouraged to apply.
  5. The last training i.e. Profile Building is compulsory for everyone who wants to learn freelancing.

This workshop will tentatively commence from 7th March, 2016. APPLY NOW!

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