Freelancing in Pakistan: Pros and Cons

Freelancing in Pakistan has grown exponentially in the last few years and it has led new ways in the field of IT, specially in Pakistan where no one knew if IT will be this much huge as it is right now.

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Freelancing and Standard Job

Contracting is one of a range of alternatives of paid work that contrasts with the standard or a permanent full time job. A Standard job represents some designation and fixed salary that’s get paid every couple of weeks or every month. With it comes a set of formal responsibilities, often classified in a status or elaborated in a job description. A formal job has a sense of stability and an individual’s ongoing relationship with a single employer. Measured  against this standard most alternative forms of employment contracting included provide less stability or at least less regularity. They may be part-time, intermittent, casually arranged, temporary, or seasonal. Individual workers may experience high mobility, periods of unemployment, and multiple employers and work sites!











Impact over Productivity

To hire and manage qualified staff within your company increases the cost of any project. While with outsourcing, companies can pick the right person from any geographical location with no hassle to manage and pay all the year for a seasonal or limited work. This way of working definitely increases the productivity of a company and a country as well, if things work for both parties.


Contracting Work Quality

This is more important question for any employer who outsources any work. To rely on an individual’s skills set can be risky and sometimes becomes a wrong decision and can waste your time and money big time. So the question that should be asked before outsourcing is; how to choose the right freelancer for the right project?


Impact over Engineering Processes Models

Things are little bit different with freelancing. Contractors choose to work as they like to. However they can be restricted if the employer wants to. In a nutshell, a freelancer is free to do whatever he wants and still he will get the job done! It can impact the engineering processes in a negative way.


The Rise of the Global Economy

No doubt, with freelancing, people have worked all the way from US to Canada, Pakistan, and what not? And the costs? Really, nothing! This is the biggest advantage of getting into the freelancing world. You pay for the work you need, no matter where you are, how you look like, what you wear, etc. you just need the skills!



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