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Have you ever wanted to be an ice-cream creating genius? But couldn’t because of the obvious lack of resources? Well, Gameloot Network is here to save the day! With Frozen Treat Frenzy, you can create unlimited awesome ice cream combos and win the game in limited number of moves!


Indulge yourself in this delicious and extremely sweet 3 match puzzle journey towards the ultimate Frozen Treat! Can you create some delicious treats for people to always remember? Super cute graphics, delicious game-play, yummy music – the game in on!

Rules are simple, you get a certain number of moves to create your yummy frozen treats; you have to attain a certain score goal. The bigger the match, the higher the candy scores! Watch as you set off an epic chain reaction of candies in the Frozen Treat Frenzy.

The Features

It’s all about super cute graphics, delicious game-play and yummy music! Let’s cut to the chase and check out the super dooper yummy game!

First thing first, as soon as you launch the game, you need to either make an account on Gameloot Network (if you don’t already have one) or sign-in. If you do have an account, simply sign in by tapping Sign-In. If you don’t have an account, you need to make one! You can use the same account to play ALL the Gameloot Network games (Ninja Runner, Round Ball Escape, Loot Flyer, Trivia Loot, Blue Yonder, Road battle). All your record is kept in one place and you can win more rewards and even real money!

frozen treat frenzy -main page

Let’s check out the game-play!

Frozen treat Frenzy - Main game play Screenshot_2016-06-09-17-09-53 Screenshot_2016-06-09-17-10-01 Screenshot_2016-06-09-17-10-24 Screenshot_2016-06-09-17-10-35

Looks delicious, right? There are a few more things that you can access from the main screen. Check them out as well! In store, you can buy Tokens. Tokens are used to buy Diamonds and Diamonds are used to buy Hearts (lives)!

Screenshot_2016-06-09-17-08-52 Screenshot_2016-06-09-17-09-40 Screenshot_2016-06-09-17-09-46



































Android users can download that game HERE.

iOS users can download the game HERE.

Happy gaming!

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