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Pakistan is excelling in the IT industry by leaps and bounds. Software etc are being developed by keeping in mind both national and international audience. And no doubt, Pakistani apps and games are being recognized all over the world due to their originality and awesomeness!

Here is one such Game Development Studio, based out of Lahore:

Game Chefs:


Game Chefs is a game studio based out of Lahore, Pakistan striving to bring unique gaming experiences to the mobile platform. We are here to create innovative and intelligent games that can be enjoyed by both adults and children.

Game Chefs was founded in 2013 by Abbas Yousafzai, Omer Saeed and Salman Qureshi. Their interests lie in developing awesome products and passions align when the topic comes to games. So they decided to start their own game studio and brought an exceptional artist – Rafay Anwer on the team. They developed and released their first mobile game ‘Galaxy Defense Force HD‘ in April 2014, which is available on the iTunes and Play stores.

Galaxy Defence Force HD:


Their awesome game Galaxy Defense Force HD is out for grabs. Available on iTunes and Play Store, This game provides awesome graphics with super cool game play! If you think winning is easy, think again!

Galaxy Defense Force HD is an awesome top-down universal space shooter with unique gameplay, modern graphics, and super action. It introduces an incredibly creative new approach to target fast approaching alien enemy ships.

Here is the brief info about its game play:

Take command of the galaxy defense force as they fight off the alien horde in a last ditch effort to save Earth. Galaxy defense force is a tribute to the glorious age of arcade space shooters. With powerful weapons, customizable ships and an endless horde of enemies, the game boasts a fast paced action filled experience.


Did you just ask me about the features? Yep, i was about to tell you the amazing features that this game provides:

  • 24 hours of curated game play.
  • 40+ challenging and fun missions.
  • 50+ different bad, mean and ugly enemy ships.
  • 5 unique and upgradeable ships.
  • Amazing HD graphics! original game play and music!
  • Facebook leaderboard where players can compete against their friends high score.


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Well, what are you waiting for? Android users can download this game HERE.

To see what they are currently up to, do join their FaceBook page to stay connected!

So, are you gonna try this awesome game? Or have you already tried it? If yes, what do you think? Do let us know in the comments section below.

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