Emerging Online Marketplace in Pakistan

A remarkable advancement in the field of technology has been witnessed over the past few decades. There has been a substantial growth in different aspect of the human life.  One aspect that has emerged and grown greatly due to this technological development is the online marketplace. Different industries are being formed and many existing ones are blooming as a result of the creation of the online market.

One such industry that is surely worth mentioning here is the Digital Market or Digital Industry. This industry deals with the buying and selling of a diverse range of digital commodities. It includes items like themes, templates, apps, plugins, PSDs and many other virtual products. There are many firms and websites that are devoted to provide you with the highest possible standards of the services and products when it comes to digital assets. Pakistan is one of those countries that are quickly catching up with this newfangled technology.


Gigsix is Pakistan’s first online marketplace of this digital industry. Being launched for just over a year, it is already one the leading service providers that is functioning at a competitive pace with the global market. It offers the biggest range of facilities at affordable prices, all under one roof! is a geek’s paradise! Having a substantial number of categories that classify these services in a user friendly way, we are the best at what we do.

In addition to that offers intellectual individuals, a platform to show the world their talents and abilities. It provided them with opportunities to learn and earn online! Users can easily sell their products or services and mitigate the prices of their own purchases.


Some of the exclusive services provided by are enlisted below.

Author friendly polices offers the authors the best deals in town! With an absolutely nonexclusive contract, authors not only retain a full ownership of their work, but they get 70% of the commission of every sale! This is the highest amount of commission being offered by any vendor! Moreover, authors can see their product and mitigate the amount of their own purchase.

Affordability offers the highest standards of products and services without compromising in the quality, that too on the most affordable rates. Everything at ranges from $6 – $60. Moreover, there aren’t any hidden charges or taxes.

Range of product offers the biggest range of products and services, all under one roof. It is a hub of a diverse variety of digital assets, all classified under the largest assorted list. Some of the major items you can access are:

  • Themes
  • Templates
  • Scripts
  • Apps
  • PSDs
  • Plugins
  • Audio files; music and sound effects
  • Visual graphics
  • Royalty free videos
  • Customized assets

Effective management

With a helpful customer service department and multiple payment gateways, you experience the first class treatment at It provides a safe, local and international bank transfer system for all its customers and authors.

Visit today and treat yourself with a diverse range of products at the most affordable rates along with the first class service.


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