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Are you a girl? Do you have a passion stronger than that of your brothers’ and cousins’ for video games? Then Girls Make Games, series of international summer camps, is for you! Video games enthusiast herself, Laila Shabbir, Co-founder and C.E.O of Learn District,came up with the idea for Girls Make Games.

Learn District project, girls make games

Girls Make Games-Project of Learn District

Learn District is actually an independent game studio in California. A group, of keen gamers and educators works hard and creates fun games that ain’t just enjoyable, but also educational. To keep this gaming spirit alive, LD will held summer camps, as already mentioned, at 13 different locations worldwide from this June for girls.

“I didn’t realize how severe the problem was until I started recruiting for LearnDistrict. Our first job posting for games engineer resulted in over 30 applications, all men. I shrugged it off thinking maybe girls don’t like making games because they don’t like playing them as much. I couldn’t have been more wrong. ” – Laila

GMG will provide, the video games zealots, an opportunity to dive into the world of video games and learn the art of making them on their own! Sounds awesome, no? While almost half(47%) of the gamers are women, it’s saddening that only men are the ones dominating the game industry. What a tragedy it is that only 12% of the game industry compromises of women! The story doesn’t end here, according to the report of CNN 2013, game designing is one of the fastest growing industry and it is anticipated the game industry revenue will reach to $90 billion by 2017!

Girls Make Games logo

logo of Girls Make Games


The camp itself is going to be a bang-up experience for girls. There they have a chance to meet the top notch players of the industry, get valuable advice from them and learn about how they make it big in the ever growing game industry. Students will learn the basics of game designing, modeling, mechanism and will be able to meet the college students already enrolled in Game Designing courses. The ratio of student:teacher will be 5:1,meaning you get the individual attention you deserve. Looks like its easier to have fun along with gaining experience at GMG.

“It’s important that we introduce young girls to the variety of opportunities within the world of video games – level design, art direction, narrative/writing, the list goes on. There’s so much more to game dev than just programming.” – Laila


As the idea is quite fresh, it will take time for it to take shape and if you find it invigorating you too can help them by donating at . But if you’re a gamer and a girl as well, living in any of these cities, Los Angeles, San Diego, Boston, Washington, Seattle, Denver, Austin, London, Warsaw, Poland, Copenhagen, Denmark, Dubai and Melbourne, then you surely doesn’t have to miss this awesome opportunity.

think video games at Girls Make Games

think video games at Girls Make Games

Seriously, put your mind to some creative work, pack your bags and register for Girls Make Games! Why beg your brothers for joystick when you can have all the fun developing your own games!



Little introduction video:

For more details checkout the official site: Girls Make Games – A project by LearnDistrict

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