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Software developers around the world have been writing codes, sharing it, editing it and doing projects with multiple people all at once. This work is hectic and even more exasperating when they have to coordinate with other members on the project via e-mail. Sending long strands of code through e-mail, waiting for their partners to make changes and send them back, this indeed aggravates the crucial and frustrating work of coding. GitHub fortunately, is a service that puts an end to this. It provides online repositories to developers for both open source projects and private projects. It is a tool that allows powerful collaboration, code review and code management.

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GitHub by now is pretty famous for giving appreciable services to the developers around the world. It allows users to communicate and discuss over their projects, comment on code lines, report issues and review changes. It allows each member of the team to communicate effectively. It allows powerful integrations and has the world’s largest open source community. All you have to do is sign up select your package and pay the set amount to get your online repository

Being said that, GitHub contributed to the community of teachers and students by launching its special packages dedicated for the better learning of students and teachers. The GitHub Education is an initiative to help the next generation of developer by offering discounts. All you have to do is sign-up, add and verify your school with your school issued e-mail address and apply for a discount.

GitHub Education discouts

GitHub Education

Since the official launch of GitHub Education more than 1,200 classrooms and 70,000 students have signed up for this service. GitHub believes that developers should get rid of the old ways full of hassle. This means, No more e-mailing the code, the work is never lost and always organized. Furthermore, it enables developers to build a portfolio of their work so that the potential employers can review their work and they can directly analyze the capability of the developers. It enables teachers to distribute code, give assignments, get student feedback, take automated tests and much more.

If you sign up for the Educational plan you will get the following benefits:

  • Free Micro accounts for students and teachers
  • Free GitHub organization accounts for classroom use
  • A 25% discount for all other educational use cases

So, log on to , sign-up and get your students discounts. With GitHub Education

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