QMobile: Giving Strength to Mobile Phone Industry in Pakistan

Mobile phone Industry in Pakistan

Mobile Phone industry is a rapidly growing industry in Pakistan with over 130 million mobile phone users. Pakistan imports hundreds and thousands of mobile phones from the known Brands such as Nokia, Samsung and HTC to name a few.



Around $ 4.377 billion has been spent by the last government in the past five years on telecom imports. The year 2007-08, which was considered the most promising year of the sector, alone accounted for a total import amount of $ 1.331 billion. In the report released by Pakistan Telecommunications Authority (PTA) that import of mobile phone handsets with battery was worth $ 1.428 billion and other telecom apparatus worth $ 2.949 billion.

Therefore, the prices of Mobile Phones are very high in our beloved country. In such an alarming situation, a cell phone brand was launched not long ago in Pakistan…


Yes! you have guessed it right, it is QMobile; Founded by Mian Pervaiz Akhtar and Muhammar Azhar Naeem in Karachi, Qmobile is the Pakistan’s own smartphone corporation and “the largest” smartphone brand in our homeland.

QMobile was established in late 2009 and was the first Pakistani-based company to release a smartphone. Its main aim is to provide consumers with affordable yet high quality smartphones.

Message from CEO and Chairman QMobile:

My faith in our capabilities to create, to innovate is tremendous. We will build a mobile brand at fast forward for the customers of Pakistan who are in touch with their everyday needs as well as with the global happenings in telecommunications. Our products are extraordinary and set us apart from the rest of our competitors where each product backed by after sales service warranty and excellent customer care, place Q Mobile customers above all.

Thank you to all our customers, business partners and employees, for the trust and faith they place in the brand.

Mr. Zeeshan Akhtar Chairman and CEO Digicom Trading (Pvt.) Ltd

Qmobile Productions:

QMobile’s production range includes loads of phones including Touch Screens, QWERTY, WiFi; all running Google’s Android OS. Tablets have also been introduced recently into their products list. They are fairly cheap as compared to the other brands and their products are at par with the expensive cell phones!

Best Phone (based on ratings): QMobile  Noir A900

Highly Paid Phone (based on ratings):


Qmobile noir A2

Qmobile X5Qmobile Q7


As “Kareena” says…

QMobile Z4  “Do you?????”


Qmobile is providing High end smartphones and entry level phones at very reasonable prices, and the technology being used is as good as any other brand.

The great thing is.. Qmobile is Pakistan’s own brand; a pioneer in establishing Pakistan’s own Mobile Phone industry. People are loving their cell phones(including me ofcourse)!

Kudos to their efforts and high end products that are available at very reasonable prices!! We at Blogogist send them best wishes for their bright future!

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